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Need Help. Busy Schedule

I am for the most part happy with where I am but, am finding it harder to get my weekly sessions in due to my work schedule. What would be a good split/routine for someone who would be happy maintaining and making steady progress who can train 3-4x a week (it varies due to work) but, honestly I would prefer 3 because I know I can for sure get 3 sessions. I have always trained 6x a week. I was looking into 5/3/1 but, can not seem to find anything related to physique results, no pictures.

As I said I would at the very least like to maintain but, goals would be slow progress and to stay lean.

I am 5’10, 180 lbs, do not know if it is accurate but, I am in the 13-15% bf range.

Honestly for a better physique, no matter the training, you have to eat right. Thats the only thing that is going to get you lean, fat or shredded. Pick any program, do the fuck out of it and eat right. The 3 day 5/3/1 is good as is base building by paul carter, any 5x5, etc. Just make sure your food is right

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