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Need Help Bulking

Well i’m 17 and i weigh on a good day 165 more like 160 tho and i’m 6 foot nothing. I’ve been working out for 3 months know and haven’t noticed any really big gains just that my muscle have got a little bigger and harder(thats with no supplements or anything). I’m going to be going on creatine soon and i’m going to go buy some whey protien, i want to reach my goal of 185-190 by september so that gives me roughly around 6 months. The reason for the date being in september is that football starts then and if i wanna be 1st string i need to bulk up. I was just wondering if its possible for me in 5-6 months to put on 20-25 pounds on creatine and whey protien and if not what other supplements besides this can aid me in doing so. I also want to know if anyone knows some good sites for workout routines cause i want to change mine by adding the best exercises for each part of the body, and i also need some good ab exercise cause i want to have a six pack.


In all reality Skinny, you can put that kind of weight on given that time frame. But please!!do your homework. This is a great time for you to put on some quality weight, so do some reading on this site and get yourself organized. Creatine and whey are fine sups. Make sure you get yourself a quality blend of whey and just some pure mono creatine powder. No more than 5g per day after workout or in the am if not training. The best thing I can tell you is make sure you get adequate calories and rest to compliment your training. It isn’t allabout just working out harder or longer. Good luck

Food my friend, FOOD. Eat a lot, 6-8 meals a day and chose a program from this site.

Train hard, eat well and make sure you get enough rest and you’ll make it. Remember more isn’t always better, if you gain well on a 4 days a week split, you’re NOT gaining 50% more if training 6 days per week.

You grow when you rest.

All info you need is right here on this site, do some researching.

Skinnyguy, have you read ANYTHING on this site.

Im going to guess no

Read the plethora of amazing articles here before asking a question like that, please, before any of the veterans see this thread!

Thats hysterical…how the hell did you find the forum register and then post all without noticing that this site has a boat load of information.
My two cents

  1. Read
  2. Stop thinking of training in terms of individual body parts (this will prevent you from doing dinky little excersises like tricep kickbacks)
  3. You get a sixpack by getting lean, yes hypertrophying the abs will help but its all about leaness, you got fat covering them, you wont seem em no matter how much you’ve trained them.
  4. Read…if you dont understand something the article is talking about, or have an other question then post your question and you will surely get an answer. People on this site are wicked generous with their time and knowledge and will help you out.

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