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Need Help Building 2nd Cycle

Hi all, long time viewer and FYI, everything that I learned here I built my first cycle around.

Stats are:
29 yrs old
Work out off and on for 12 years (more off than on :wink:

Don’t know bf, but I have small love handles and can sometimes see the top 2 of my six pack. I’ve made a promise to my self that I will not start this bulking cycle til I lose 15lbs. If I work out 20 days a month without gear, of those 20 days, only 2-3 are productive (I measure productivity by how sore I am the next day).

So, here was my first cycle (started early Nov):

Wk 1-2 D-bol 20-50mg (I couldn’t take the back pumps so I had to stop 2 wks short)
Wk 1-10 Test-e 400mg/wk
Wk 8-11 Winny 50mg/day
Wk 8-11 HCG 500IU E3D
Wk 1-10 A-dex .5mg ED
Wk 12-14 Nolva as needed
Wk 1-10 Proscar ~1/5 tab

D-bol is FIRE! I felt like a bench a house. I noticed about a week and a half a very, very intense back pain (know for a fact it was kidney related from d-bol, or at least it was not any kind of back pain I’ve ever felt before), so I had to stop taking it. That sucked big time. Cranberry helped a little but not nearly enough for me to risk kidney probs.

2nd week into cycle, I came down with a SEVERE case of tendinitis. It was so bad that I couldn’t bend my elbow past 90 degrees. So what does any retard do in this scenario? Get a cortisone shot and stay of tricep and grip exercises. It’s just about completely healed now.

Regarding Test-e 400mg/wk, dosage was too low. I upped it to 600/wk about wk 7 and felt better. Winny is GREAT, HCG is GREAT, A-dex and Nolva are all GREAT.

Here’s what I need to know: I want to cut the Winny out this time and do a bad ass bulking cycle. Knowing the little that you know about how I responded to cycle 1, what should I add or subtract from cycle 1 to get a bad ass bulk-only cycle 2?

Also, I seemed to get better pumps when on d-bol or winny alone vs when I was on test-e alone. Is that normal? All my gear comes from a real legitimate pharmacy. (I have a generous HRT doc :wink:

Please help. Based on what I’ve said, what should I add or subtract from cycle 1 to get a bad ass bulk-only cycle 2?

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I am not going to pass comment on your stats, history etc as i am dont want to have a go at you or point out things which should be obvious from reading the steroid newbie thread; you did read it right??


Weeks 1 - 12 Testosterone Enanthate 700mg
adex kept on hand should it be required for gyno flare up etc - not to be used otherwise.

If required use very sparingly. i.e .25 eod

I will recomend a standard nolva pct for you as the taper will complicate things too much for you.

Week 14 begin nolva at 40mg per day for 2 weeks, then 20mg a day for 2 weeks

Now some real advice - your 5’11, 190, a bit fatter than you like? steroids arent for you in my opinion.

It is common place on this board for the term ‘when you have reached your genetic potential’ what this means is; when you have control of your body, you know how to eat and train to make lean muscular gains, you know how to lose fat while retaining muscle mass or get stronger - without the use of drugs.

You only get out, what you put in. Training off an on (more off than on) please reconsider and see the newbie thread.

Not a flaming btw, just some sabbath day clarity.

I am thinking of adding tren or deca and removing winny. No need for long explanations, but does this seem right?


This is your responsorial post?
You just received some very solid advice, my good man.

But alas, you are correct, let’s not waste time on long explanations. Let’s change the entire tone of your efforts here.

You sound very full of ideas -so let’s have 'em. Bring it on. What’cha think’n there, champ?

Did you give your own post 5 stars?

Testanabol gave you good advice which I would suggest you follow. Tren or Deca at this point doesn’t sound good to me.

Also I believe you failed to mention your starting stats (before your first cycle) and how much you managed to keep of that. 190 lbs with love handles after your first cycle doesn’t sound promising.

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