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Need Help Breaking Through the Plateau

Hey, I’ve been reading articles and the forums on the site for some time and since I now need some advice the time has arrived to post something.

A bit about myself:
Female, 29 years old. 156 cm, 54 kilos. Fairly strong but still a long way to go to what I want to achieve. Main goal is strength. I do plenty of sports outside the gym - rock climbing mostly with a bit of martial arts. In the gym, I focus on strength training. It used to be that my strongest body-part were my legs however due to an injury I sustained some time back I am very careful about what I do so that has gone down (I’ll admit it’s more a question of fear than of actual logic). Currently my strongest body-part is my back - I can pull down almost 3 times my body-weight. Before I continue gaining strength, I would like to get rid of the extra fat that I have. After my injury I gained a lot of weight, however in the past year I have lost most of it.
Recently though, I’ve noticed that I’ve reached a plateau of sorts. Here is an idea of what my current diet looks like - 150 grams protein daily, less than 50 grams of carbs daily (most of that is around my workout) and the fat that there is in the food I eat (mostly tuna and beef). Once a week I have a cheat half-day.

Any suggestions? Any more info needed to make suggestions?

What do you estimate your current body fat percentage is, and how many calories a day do you eat?

Is the stubborn fat located in a particular area? (thighs, etc).

We will need to see pics. In your panties.

But on a serious note, you will have to tell us more about your training. Are you doing any high intensity cardio, like sprints?

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weird… I answered but it hasn’t posted it.

trust me on the pics - you don’t want them now yet :wink:

regarding body-fat estimate: the best I have is the machine you stand on barefoot which gives an estimate (that’s what we have at the gym) - it gave me 22%.

calories - between 1200-1500 a day. (not on the half day cheat day of course)

regarding the fat distribution - I’m pretty lucky in the sense that it’s pretty even.

training - most types of high intensity cardio leave me in pain in my left knee. The only thing I can do is endurance training in climbing which is awesome but which I haven’t been able to do since my climbing partner has been called back for some additional military training and someone who is not my regular partner mostly wouldn’t have the patience for it. So I’m pretty much left to my regular low intensity stuff which is done throughout the day (I am always on my feet walking around). I know it’s not great but I haven’t been able to find a solution to it yet - I’m open to suggestions always.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

it finally did post… :smiley: