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Need Help-Beginning Weight Lifter


Hey I am new to this site as one of my friends suggested it to me. I want to give you a little background about me. I used to be fat growing up in high school at 225 pounds at 5'11. I wanted to make a change so 3 years ago I started making lots of changes by eating healthier, doing lots of cardio (used to run 8-11 miles per day) 5 days per week and started lifting a little more. Now I am 6'0 150 pounds and want to try and gain some more muscle weight.

I am fairly lean and I like that but I want to get up to 175-180ish, so 25-30 pounds of muscle by the end of the summer or just within the next 4 months. I am kind of hesitant to start this because I am not used to it. I am used to doing dumbbell workouts and I am clearly not as strong as the rest of the people on this site. Also, I was only consuming about 1800 calories per day for a long time and I know I will have to up my calorie count but I am kinda afraid too because I like to drink on the weekends (college kid) and am afraid of gaining bad weight. I wanna gain more muscle though and get absolutely ripped. I was wondering if someone could help me with some new effective workouts whether they are with dumbbells or other types of lifts (squats, stuff like that). Also, it would be great if someone could tell me how many calories I need to eat per day and I already plan on aiming to eat my goal weight in protein per day so 175g. I feel like that is enough and I already eat extremely healthy so that isn't a problem.

Also, I know I am going to stop doing much cardio but still want to do HIT training for about 15-20 minutes one maybe two days a week just to get my heart rate up before lifting. I wanted to do legs/abs on tuesdays-thursdays then biceps-triceps-chest 3 days per week so what days would be best to do that. Pretty much all I need is any advice to help me get bigger but not gaining fat. Thank you everyone and if you have any questions just send me a message.


Fair warning, my post is probably going to be pretty tame in comparison to what more senior members may come at you with. First off, it's very admirable that you've set goals as that sets you apart from the majority of the population. However, you do realize that your goal of 25-30 lbs of "muscle" in the next 4 months is basically unattainable?

You may be able to get near that amount in total mass gained, but it certain;y won't be all muscle and it will require a large daily surplus of calories consistently. Also, I hope you realize that 180 lbs at your height would still leave you looking rather small. Perhaps that's the look you're going for, but in your words "I wanna gain more muscle though and get absolutely ripped." and this won't be the case given your goal weight and current height.

You've already stated that you're afraid to add calories for fear of it interfering with your drinking habits and ultimately causing you to gain excess fat. What you consider a lot of food is probably a relatively low amount by the standards of most on this board and even with that, I highly doubt you'll be able to consistently shovel down food without your fear of becoming a fatty taking over again.

Like many will suggest, down a gallon of milk a day, see what kind of effect this has on your body comp (assuming you've already increased your daily caloric intake) and adjust from there.

On to your training, you're going to train your legs in a half assed manner, completely neglect your back and shoulders, and train your mirror muscles 3 times a week? Find a beginner program (many are on this site) and stick to it.

Your entire post reeks of "please spoon feed me" which no one will. If your sincere about all this and are not a troll, I suggest using the search function and the great resources this site has to offer to help you along the way, bext of luck.


Eating good wholesome food and keeping the intensity up is a surefire way to keep the BF down.

It's pretty simple actually, just make sure your getting stronger on your lifts and pay attention to the mirror and how your clothes fit. Make sure your love handles aren't outgrowing your shoulder width, simple things like that keep things in check.

4 months to get to 180 on a 6'0" frame? Sure, but you better be dedicated to it.


Ok thanks for the help so far. I mean I don't know as clearly as much as you guys so that is why I am just looking for some advice that is all. I am fine with some criticism though that doesn't bother me but thanks for all the stuff so far. Maybe 180 in 4 months isn't a realistic goal and that is fine (I was just putting a number out there). I don't know exactly how much I want to weigh and when but I just want to gain more muscle. I am talking to some friends and they said eat 3000-4000 calories per day so I will probably start with that and see where it goes from there. I eat really clean already so that really isn't a problem either. I was just wondering if I could get some good workouts for biceps, triceps, legs, chest, back, etc....and what days I should work each muscle group/groups.

I know I need to work on legs the most and squats are a great exercise for that. I just want to know some more workouts and stuff like that. I have been lifting since November and have seen some great advances. I know I am still new compared to everyone else on this site. I am just looking for any/all advice so thanks a lot for everything so far I appreciate it.

  1. Your diet has been addressed. However, eating a shit ton of protein should be reiterated.
  2. Most litters lack focus and intensity when at the gym. Just being there isn't enough.
  3. While resting between sets, in addition to scoping talent, watch what people that are bigger and/or stronger than you are doing.
  4. Sleep (non alcohol induced) is important.
  5. Getting tips and advice is great and you should never stop learning, but ultimately you need to pick a basic workout and just do it. Over time you will figure out more and more about your body, what works and what doesn't.

Best of luck in your quest to get huge

*Hint: take a look around your gym and see how many guys have a huge chest and don't have a thick back.