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Need Help Bad Circumstances


i am 21 and have been lifting real serious for 3 years and have been in college playing football and all but now im out and footballs over so its great but one problem i now work on ships and there is no weight room well to call it a weight room is a sick joke i made due doing pushups pullups and dips much as i could all the "gym" has is 2 old ass dumbells wit some wts a skinny bar and some bands i am gonna go back in a few days and need some direction i love my old workout of mon-chest tris tues-back bis weds-legs thurs-shoulders fri-arms and i was doing good my pushupp thing isnt nearly as good and help or ideas would be great


Learn punctuation? I have no idea what he is asking!!!


From what i understand he has a job on a ship, and that ship has a crappy gym. My Advice is to get a new job in an area with a good gym


Time to move to a new vessel sailor!


yea im on a ship with no gym and i feel like im losing size especially on my shoulders


You know those three keys located above the right "Alt" key? Use them.


Handstand push ups.

Also, google is your friend. Lots of articles on this site alone.