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Need help, asap!

Ok, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but maybe its a challenge someone can tackle for me. I am wondering if there is ANY way I could drop a couple % points of bodyfat and/or some water weight in about three days. I’m 216 at about 15-16% bf and am willing to do what I can to bring that down - diet and training wise. Any ideas? What should I be eating, what should I be doing? Is it just not realistic? I want to try if i can - it is an important deadline that just sprang up. I have fish oils, eggs, cheese, steaks, cottage cheese, and quality carbs. I can work out once a day and am just now finishing a really high calorie week - ~5900. What do you think? Thanks in advance. Hope the last minute x-mas shopping isn’t driving you mad!

Keto diet plus diuretics. You’ll just be dropping water weight mostly. Read the Anabolic Diet articles at T-mag called ‘eat like a man’ or do the Fat Fast.

You tried Fat Fast? Use the search engine. I lost about 14 pounds of water/fat in 2 weeks on an extremely lo-carb diet. 8 or 9 of which came in the first couple of days. I was applying Nandrosol everyday and I retained muscle pretty well.

if you want to drop water weight, cut the carbs. drink lots of water for a couple of days before you need to weigh in and then stop (or at least minimize water consumption) the day day before. sweat it out. do low impact aerobics to burn and carbs in your body and liver.

I lost about 8 pounds of water weight in the first two days of the t-dawg diet.

Thanks guys. I’ll give it a try. I also have some androsol, so maybe I’ll keep using it to retain muscle as I do a three day diet. Would expresso count as a diuretic? :wink: