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Need Help and Workout Advice

Hello to every one.
just joined. Male 45, 5’7", 140kg.
nothing good about me right now except still not giving up my struggle with life and still have desire to achieve my dreams. all this weight happened to me in last 9years. need advice from you guys who might have been through some or all LIKE ME. started weight training (did training already in life ON and OFF) many times in 20’s 30’s. so Iron is not new but problems are huge now. I am looking for workout routine advice mainly. I am doing 2 days ON and 1 Day rest cycle. etc.
SUNDAY= back and chest (back 1st then chest), always had better pump
MONDAY= triceps and biceps (triceps 1st then biceps) always had better pump
WEDNESDAY= thighs and calves
can anyone share with me some thing like this routine, is it good or not…

which are?

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reduce body fat and replacing them with pure muscles, not doing diet and exercise, but weight training and eating (trying my best and learning and improving). can’t say to reach competition level physique but sure a body builder physique suitable to my height. I am sure other members here might have been through same if not many but some. so just want to know some inspiration, guidance help…
best regards

Jim Wendler wrote an article about helping a friend get stronger. Have a read of that it gives a great approach (google is your friend).

The one tweak I would make is to try to begin limiting junk (say after 6pm on weekdays) right away and extend it over time.

The best advice I can give you us that it took 9 years to put the weight on, patience will be your best friend in getting it off because EVERYONE will have a quick fix, optimal approach for you. Always focus on where you want to be in 12 months time - not 2 weeks.

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