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Need Help and Guidance

First I would like to say this is a cool website and I have enjoyed reading some of the posts. Second I would like to apologize if this posted in the incorrect forum.

I am a 22 yo, 5-5, 160# with 11%BF. I would like to cut my BF down to the single digits. I work hard in the gym as well as do cardio.

The problem that I am having is determining whether or not I should up my intake calorie level or decrease it. I would like to remain as strong as I am with the same frame, maybe bigger (165-170) with single digit BF.

SO the problem is not knowing what I should eat, when I should eat it and how much. I know a little bit. Like the 7 rules by Dr. John Berardi, and that has helped.

However, I am still unsure of when and how much of protein, cards and fat I should consumer on a daily basis to optimize my fat burning. Again, I apologize if this is the wrong place. Hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction…THANKS IN ADVANCE…

I say keep reading and gaining knowledge and for god sake dont just read it put it to use nail a solid diet.

Now if you want to stay the same size maybe bigger but be stronger and leaner well you’ll have to eat to gain performance and muscle.

I think just getting a solid deit and trtaining to go along with it will get you a heck of a start. Nail those seven habits, lift hard, gain more LBM and if for some odd reason you get satified at the level of LBM you have cut done and see what you have built.

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Holy crap, I don’t think there was a nutrition article published in the last 4 years that Phill didn’t link to. They are all worth reading, though, definitely.

But let’s address the other side of things also…

[quote]airborne84 wrote:
I would like to remain as strong as I am with the same frame, maybe bigger (165-170) with single digit BF. [/quote]
How are you training? What’s your current schedule and program look like?

Keeping your strength while manipulating calories can be tricky. I’d probably go with something from Christian Thibaudeau, as he’s done alot of work specifically geared towards gaining muscle. I really like his Renaissance Body Development Program as a way to maintain (possibly increase) strength, while getting in some solid cardio/GPP:

minotaur is kinda right in my opinion. but heres the thing: if you plan on cutting down in a short time period then ur strength losses will be much greater - and i dont know if you’re taking any supplements. personally i dont take anything save protein powder. however, if u follow a proper diet (ie low in bad fats and simple carbs) and train hard and efficiently in the gym this will allow you to put on muscle mass with a minimum amount of fat due to the nature of your diet - hence keeping strength losses to a minimum if at all.

as you gain more muscle, your RMR will go up and ull start to burn more fat. obviously you will need to incorporate HIIT (see Running Man article by Christian Thibadeau) to see good results but im sure you know that.for this purpose John Berardi’s precision nutrition plan is A++. but the general principles he requires pple to follow on PN is listed on the 7 things that has been linked to above.

i think that following a well planned diet and getting into it for the long term is a much healthier way of approaching weight loss for the general public.

one thing:
the majority of weightlifters advocate a very high protein diet for putting on muscle.now while it is definitely a fact that a)hypertrophy requires good quality protein intake that’s higher than the average diet allows and b)protein metabolization requires more energy and aids in helping you lose that fat, i would caution you on guzzling excessive amounts.i would start at aorund 1.8-2,0g of protein/kg of bodyweight. IF you arent seeing satisfactory results on this amount, feel free to increase it in moderate increments - then gauge your progress. personally i dont want to risk the danger of liver and/or kidney damage from a sustained diet of high protein intakes.

[quote]airborne84 wrote:

The problem that I am having is determining whether or not I should up my intake calorie level or decrease it. I would like to remain as strong as I am with the same frame, maybe bigger (165-170) with single digit BF.


Well if your goal is 165-170 with lower body fat then you have now I think the answer is easy. Up the calories and aim for 185 or more then start cutting

monday-thursday 2(5x30 meters) for a total of 600 meters

tuesday-saturday i am in the gym
3x a week i do 20-30 minutes of cardio with 1 min on and or 1 min to 45 secs off. i do this for 20-30 minutes.

my weight training sessions are intense.
hope that helps…

[quote]airborne84 wrote:
my weight training sessions are intense.
hope that helps…
Actually, I don’t want to sound like a jerk but, that doesn’t help a whole lot. Exactly what do you do in the gym. What exercises, sets, and reps do you do each day?

And I’m confused about the cardio.

Is this running? Rowing?

Is this in addition to the Monday-Thursday work? If so, that’s alot of cardio work, and I don’t think it’s all necessary.

I’d rather see you focus on a solid weight training program to encourage some muscle mass, something like the T-Dawg diet (in Phil’s post, to build the muscle mass, which, if you limit fat gains, will decrease your bodyfat%) and simple consistency.