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Need Help After Being Out of Gym

Hello all. I was wondering if I could get some help with choosing a program. I am coming back from a long layoff that I hate to admit. Between school, clinical, work, and my local gym closing I have not been training much at all. I have definitely lost strength, become reconditioned, and have put on a fair amount of fat. Luckily I have retained some of my muscle from my previous training which was very unstructured. I hate to admit, but I was a bit of a program hopper before. I am looking for a program to really work at for months. My goal is to get my diet back in order and focus on losing fat while getting some strength back. I know the two don’t usually go hand in hand due to caloric deficit, but I figure since I haven’t been training I can get some of my strength numbers back or hopefully surpass. I found the power primer 2.0 fat loss by Eric Bach, CSCS, I can’t post the link but you can search it, and wasn’t sure if this or something else would be the best approach. I know he posts on this website sometimes. I just wasn’t sure if something like 5/3/1 or startin strength or anything else would be better. Any advice is wonderful guys!

I personally would jump on Starting Strength LP, while hammering high rep assistance between sets. It’s a simple way to progress without the minutia creeping in. 5/3/1 is fine too.

Just find something and stick with it, and most importantly…work hard! Be the hardest worker in your gym. Program hopping is proven to steal any gains you might have made. Don’t do that.