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Need help (advice) for my T Vixen

Hey Guys need some help with a problem my T vixen is experiencing. She has Rhuematoid Arthiritis. Has had it for a few yrs. She takes Pregnezone, Mobic and Methatrexate to get it under control. Also supplements with Wild Salmon Oil. Problem is she is getting worse and has upped her dose of pregnezone. She was a hard core T vixen who is no stranger to the gym. She is now getting lethargic and is in a lot of pain. If anybody has any experience working with someone who has RA I would appreciate hearing from you? what worked, what didn’t, what helped. The docs are running out of ideas. She and I are not willing to give up so I am reaching out for some ideas. She would like to continue training and reduce her reliance on the drugs. Thanks in advance.


Where are you located? Have you contacted your local Arthritis Foundation for information and other possible treatments? She may need to join some of the classes (many aqua-therapies) they offer or look into some other treatment options. Arthritis can happen in people of all ages, and it is quite debilitating and tends to cause depression. But there are many new treatments and ways of dealing with it. I suggest you contact them. Try this number for Arthritis Foundation Services: 1-800-283-7800

Hedo, I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t really know anything about RA other than what I’ve read over at Mercola. He says that cutting out all gluten (which is pretty much what he is about - no wheat/grains at all) can send some with RA into remission. Just go over to www.mercola.com and enter “arthritis” into the search engine. You should get a number of hits.

Also, I’m not sure what brand of fish oil she is using, but perhaps looking into the Carlson’s brand he recommends could help. He makes reference of how some of his patients, when switching from Carlson’s to a less expensive brand, have had their symptoms flare up again (although this is not specific to RA). Just a thought. Anyway, best of luck to both of you and keep us all posted.


Actually as someone who has experienced RA I can just about guarantee you that she feels sicker and is in MORE pain than she’s actually letting on. The trouble with the disease is none of the common therapies work other than being band-aids and covering up the pain. Most of the medications actually seem to make the disease worse over time and if not then they create other diseases such as the case with prednisone causing a host of other problematic illnesses all by itself. It is my belief that there are different strains of RA with different causes so you can’t treat everyone the same. There are a couple of therapies that work for some. One of them is antibiotic therapy which you can find out about on Dr. Mercolas site mercola.com The other is of course a natural, whole foods based diet with an emphasis on finding out and cutting out, any intolerant foods that could be causing flare-ups in the illness.

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Tammy Thomas has written an excellent article on exercise and autoimmune disease. Tammy lives with RA and is also an RA researcher. She’s a good resource.


A sincere thank you to all. I checked out both sites…great info. Thanks to all who responded and if anyone else has any info please keep it coming. Great stuff guys.

Hedo -

Not sure if you saw this, but Mercola’s 11/9 (Saturday) newletter has an article on arthritis that might be informative. Within it, he has links to some past articles of his, one of which is geared directly to RA (by Dr. Brown). You might want to check it out.


Tyler - We saw it and signed up for his newsletter, also John’s. (John Tammy is great she and my wife E mailed back and forth)Mercola’s work seems to have had great results using a diet based treatment. It’s a clean diet even if it isn’t effective so my hope is it strengthens her and if she needs the drugs also then we will use them. Right now I’m trying to make her mind strong so she can train the body. As we all know it is easy to throw in the towel. I can only imagine dealing with that pain level. Makes me think twice about bitching about muscle soreness I 'll tell you that. Thanks again T men!!

A Dr. Mirkin has a site you should check out. I think its drmirkin.com. He feels long term treatment with antibiotics is the answer for RA. His wife had a serious case and now is fine. Good Luck. Mike