Need Help Adding Muscle

How many drinks do you like?

Honestly, I think your meal plan could be improved quite a bit.

This one?

Seems like you are not honoring the rest day if

This is true.

What strategies do you employ to exercise moderation on the weekend while not tracking?

FWIW, I think if you took this,

and made it into this

You are already in a better place. If you feel like you won’t make your protein goals, either have one with dinner (or just before) - that might help keep your portion-size in check or have one before going to bed.

Also, if you are in a deficit 5 out of 7 days, adding muscle will be… tough. Maybe consider maintenance for 5 days, a surplus one weekend day, and a deficit day one weekend day when the opportunity presents itself.

What do you eat on a rest day? How much are you moving about except for training?