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need help about mag-10, tribex, m cycle

i just bought this stack yesterday. however, i havent lifted since july due to a umbilical herniea and have lost quite a bit of weight. i am currently taking 20g creatine, 20g glutamine, and at least 300g of protein a day.My question is how much longer should i wait to start my mag-10 cycle, and should i alter my dosages of the other supplements when im doing it?

  1. too much creatine. 1/2 of that, max.
  2. read the recent articles here on glutamine.
    3)How long have you been training? If your not a total newbie, then I would give my training about 8-10 weeks before I started a mag10 cycle after a big layoff. Just my opinions though.
    4)Tribex/M after Mag10-recovery.
    -All this is crap if you don’t eat right/train really hard.