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Need Help. 2 Months in Recovery with Super Low Test

Im new this and hope im posting in the correct spot. But I have no one else to turn to and have a question about my natural Test levels. I was uneducated and stupid going into starting my cycles. I went through almost a full year of test with off times of 4-6 weeks with basiclly no pct. Now for the last 2 months I have used clomid, letro, and tamoxifen. To this day i have all signs of super low test. Should i keep being patient? I really want to try introducing a little bit of test but dont want it to hinder my restart. This is pretty miserable. I have body aches, tired all the time, joint pain. I was intelligent enough to take fish oil and a liver aid though of course. Im 29 years old and feel like a old ass man.I know, im stupid and should of been more educated… Help please.

GET BLOODWORK!!! YOUR PLAYING GAMES UNTIL YOU GET BLOODWORK AND KNOW WHATS GOING ON INSIDE YOUR BODY. Also, post details. You attempting a pct with Clomid, tamoxifen and letro. What are your dosages and are you planning to taper out?

20mg of tamoxifen daily (still on) letro was 2.5mg daily, the clomid i dont even remeber the dosage… i know its all crazy but I listen to so much bs from people who didn’t know anything. Been reseraching last few months, now that its too late. Getting blood work done scares me of insurance not wanting to cover expenses on low test at 29 years of age. I just want to make sure i know the right things to say without getting me in trouble. In the mean time until i get to the dr, can i inject a little bit of test so i dont feel like a zombie? Or will that just reset any natural progress i made? Thanks for the advice man…

Brother. Listen. You can pay out of pocket for blood work. It’s not that crazy expensive. You won’t get into trouble. You have to know what’s going on inside your body to know what the next step is. Your going to be ok. You just need to be smart at this point in time. Have a solid plan. People here can help if you help yourself first. If I were in your shoes I would do bloodwork first then you know your options. You could realistically go on low dose trt levels of testosterone and will probably feel better but do the bloodwork first. Then, once you have stabilized your hormones you could do another pct based off of the stickies here for a better chance of success. There are numerous online sites you can use to schedule blood work. You pay online. Choose which lab to have the blood drawn at and get your results emailed directly to you. Totally anonymous. Post the results here (minus your personal info, name address, blah blah blah) and let us take a look. Your gonna be alright boss. Just make some good choices right now.

Right on bud. I appreciate it. I did some investigating last night and found private mdlabs or something like that. They offer 4 different test and you’re correct. Not too bad. Its gonna be a couple weeks with me starting a new job. But ill get in soon as I can. Until then, im gonna do my best to not use any test until I get advice from the results i post. 2 weeks is a long time and tempted to use a little test. But dont want to screw with my results. Again, i truly appreciate the help and hope to hear back from ya when i get my work done. Thanks.