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Need Help 14 Years after Last Cycle

Could use some knowledge as my doctor is being a real hindrance to my manhood. Took my last cycle about 14 years ago (t400). Have lost a lot of bone mass since. Hit the weights again after a long hiatus, can’t get stronger.

My testosterone recently came back at 337. I am thinking a clomid or hcg cycle paired with arimidex to stimulate test production. I can’t get my hands on enclomiphene up in canada. Still in my 30’s and want to make babies. Any long term negative issues anyone has experienced, and would anyone have any better recommendations? Would really appreciate suggestions… getting desperate!!

No Clomid, no HCG, no IA. Why don’t you just jump to hormones?

Just trying to get my natural production up… there’s been quite a crash. I want to have kids soon as well, so worried that I’ll suppress my baby making ability. What do you see as a problem with clomid or hcg?

HCG is suppressive in a secondary sense. Clomid or Nolva are good to try for what you are looking for. Nolva generally is tolerated a bit better. I have only used HCG out of these drugs so take my info with a grain of salt.

If it is me, I would try Nolva first and take a TT blood test while on it, and after stopping. You can then see how much it helps your testosterone production, and if it is something that was effective as a restart. If you numbers go back to what they were pre nolva, then you know eventually you will want TRT.

I will say that of men on TRT almost all (literature says 97-98%) can be fertile in 6 months to a year with the right treatments (solo or combo of the following HMG, FSH, HCG, clomid). I would say 1% or so would never have been fertile in the first place, so TRT does not scare me as far as fertility goes.