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Need HCG Mixing/Dosing Information

Well I finally came home from the doc with HCG to add to my TRT program. But here’s the problem:

He wanted to put me on a high dose 15 day kick-start program, but I asked to go on the continual smaller-dose protocol recommended right here on this site. To his credit, he was game. However, he couldn’t give me proper mixing instructions for the doses I wanted because he is unfamiliar with it.

So here’s what I have…a bottle of 12,000IU powdered HCG. The physical bottle size itself looks like it can hold 20ml of liquid.

I also have the 30ml bottle of bacteriostaic water.

So my question is, how much water are you guys adding/mixing, and then how much are you drawing to get a 250iu dose?

Okay, I figured out a good mix/dose, but that apparently brings up a new problem.

I put 10ml of bacteriostatic water in the bottle with the 12,000iu of HCG. So now, a 0.2ml dose is about 250iu of HCG.

At 250iu per dose out of a 12,000iu bottle it should last between 3 and 4 months. However, from what I’ve been reading here and there, reconstituted HCG is only good for about 4 to 8 weeks (depending on who you believe).

What on earth form of HCG are you guys using and at what size?

Mix with 12ml to get 1000iu/ml and inject 0.25ml which is “25” on an insulin syringe to get 250iu. Inject subq, not IM.

Liquid needs to be BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol.

Do not shake solution and refrigerate at all times. Swirl or gently tumble to mix.

With small vile stoppers, air can get trapped and that can get into syringe. Gently swing inverted and G-force will then dominate surface tension. Keep inverted to fill syringe.

Syringe should be depressed to not have air and insert into inverted via after above maneuver and fill. Fill and inject slowly to avoid shear forces on the peptides which can be mechanically damages.

Thank you @KSman,

What about the reconstituted shelf-life? I was hoping to get about 4 months out of this bottle. Is that doable?

Or are you guys getting very small dose viles somehow and mixing every few weeks?

Many are getting 80 days with 10,000iu vials…

The expiry dates from manufactures are simply made up and there are regulations in some places that open vials in a clinical setting need to be disposed up quite soon, which has no intelligence. The BA water means that it cannot spoil from bacteria.

That, my friend, is freaking awesome! I had been stressing about that, especially since I pay out of pocket and bought 2 viles (a hundred bucks each). If the peptides truly degraded as quickly as I was reading, I was thinking I would have to go back to my doc’s original prescription which was this:

This would be done twice a year…

Dilute the HCG in 2.4ml of BA water (one vile at a time).

Inject 0.4ml (works out to 2000iu) per day for 5 days then,

Inject 0,2ml (works out to 1000iu) per day for the remaining 10 days.

During this time I would not be doing any testosterone, and would not restart testosterone until a week after stopping the HCG.

Also during the whole time, you would take 3mg of adex spread throughout the week.

It all sound like a monumental pain in the ass compared to what you guys do here. Not to mention having to stop and restart your TRT.

To be clear, do you guys get smaller viles of HCG or do you get similar sizes that I got (10,000iu or more)?

btw, I’ve read of doing it two different ways here…

Doing HCG EOD, or, 3 times a week (2 of those times at the same time as your TRT injections). This makes things much simpler. And, if you do it 3 times a week, do you increase the dosage to match that of the EOD totals?

But what is the consensus? Which do most here do and why? Let’s turn this into a poll:

Which do you do?

@gtron -

  • I personally am dosing hCG @ 285iu EOD

  • The reason for the 285iu is that is what the math says

  • I was Rx 1000iu (1000iu/ml) per week

  • if you’re injecting 3.5 times per week (EOD) the math looks like this:

  • 285*3.5 = 997.5 (close enough to 1000 for government work)

  • The formula for dosing EOD is 2/7 times the weekly Rx amount

  • 2/7 x 1000 = 285


I’m currently doing something similar. Since my current bottle was mixed at 12,000 iu to 10 ml of BA water, that means I’m getting 1200 iu per ml.

So since that doesn’t give me nice round numbers, I’m doing 0.25ml which works out to 300 iu.

250 iu would be 0.21, but that’s tough to acquire accurately on the syringe. So 0.25 is close enough, especially since I haven’t decided on 3 times a week or EOD yet…

But being that the half-life of HCG is about 33 hours (from what I can tell), then EOD sounds like the way to go. If that’s the case, I may indeed try to lower the dose as close to 250 iu as I can.

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Oh, and where do most of you inject your testosterone? Stomach? I have had good results injecting into my love handles but I’ve been doing the HCG into my belly…which makes me think maybe I should just do the testosterone into my belly too? But I have very little fat there so I don’t know how it will affect things. As it is, I have to pinch the skin so that the half inch needle doesn’t go past my fat layer.

Lucky bastard… I was like that once - will get back there again

I inject both hCG and test cyp into my stomach with the 29g 1/2" insulin needles

Oh btw, what is the consensus on storing dry, unmixed HCG and for how long? Fridge or room temp? I would lean to refrigeration but on the other hand I worry about moisture through condensation…especially if the power ever goes out (which happens about once a year around here, so it’s a legit concern).

I had read elsewhere on here that some people (I think it was @Nashtide) mix their HCG, then fill all the syringes and freeze them, thus halting the degradation over time process. He just pulls out one syringe and thaws it at room temp before using it. I thought this was a great idea and was about to do that to my mixed HCG, but then I thought about the trauma of structures that are frozen and unfrozen…and HCG is supposed to be very delicate.

I know these are pretty obscure questions but is there any info on that?

Okay, so I injected my test cyp into my belly for the first time the other day and it burned and was painful all day, especially if something came into physical contact with it for the rest of the day/night.

Is this normal? HCG into my belly doesn’t do this.

Oh! And I gotta say…now that I’ve been on HCG for a week and a half or so, I now know why many of you could not relate to the complaints I had mentioned in previous threads. Though TRT brings incredible improvements, it also had its drawbacks for me. Well those drawbacks have melted away since being on HCG. Everything has “normalized” if you will. I love it.

I felt the same way when I began HCG, that first week was incredible. (500iu e4d) Didn’t last though. I finished the first bottle and took a break for a few weeks and I started to feel crappy again. Started back 1 week ago (250iu e2d) and while I do feel better it’s not the same as that first week. I’m interested to see what your results will be.

Hahaha @soflo49 you are so right!

I was thinking of mentioning it here but you beat me to it. The effects I first felt and mentioned above have dwindled to nothing noticeable. But for the first week and a half it was great! I will continue to take it because I know it’s doing good whether I “feel” it or not.

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Sorry to hear that. I continue to experiment with different protocols. I will let you know if I find something that works.


Okay, so the effects petered out after about a week and a half of HCG, but as of a couple days ago, (so that would be about 25 days after starting) the benefits have returned! I’m still doing 300iu EOD.

The only theory I have is, now that the testes tissue has been somewhat restored, there is more tissue for the HCG to work with, and therefore more production/benefit.

That doesn’t explain why it seems to fade after a week or so only to return later, but I’m not complaining. Things are currently great.

@gtron - That’s some interesting feedback on your experience with hCG

I have been off hCG since the 15th because I ran out of my Rx and I don’t have an appointment with a new doc until today

  • There’s been a lot of anecdotal information passed on about the “mood enhancing” effects of hCG
  • Very little research to back up these claims but common enough to have merit
  • I will have to keep in mind to assess how I feel once I get back on hCG again
  • This assumes new doc gives me Rx for hCG
  • I have struggled to find the same GREAT feeling I had for weeks 3-8 on TRT protocol
  • Once I get established with my new doc, I may start tinkering with protocols to really get dialed in