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Need Half Racks & Bumper Plates

I am desperate for some half racks and bumper plates. Ive tried some of the used gym companies, but they dont seem to have any in stock. Was wondering if anyone here knew of a company or gym that might want to swap some equipment. Or if anyone knows a company where I could get used or CHEAP bumpers or half racks…but my funds are limited big time…

Im easy, I want nothing more than used or new bumper plates, half racks or full racks, and would also consider glute/hams, reverse hypers, plyo boxes or adjustable platforms, etc. I am running training sessions in a gym that is primarily machines that I inherited, and want am sick of having to just use the open space for people to do structural lifts from the ground and need some racks or posts!

Here is what I have to trade, and I do have pictures if someone or a company had what I needed:

(1) Hammer Strength Rear Deltoid (lay face down)
(2) Hammer Strength Dumbbell Racks, BRAND new hold 10 each, single tier
(2) Spartan adjustable incline portable benches (do not hold the bar)
(1) Spartan adjustable 45 degrees standing bench, face down with foot platform to do back and shoulder stuff
(2) Portable seated bench
(3) Portable flat benches (do not hold bar, just bench)
(1) Lifestyle recumbant bike, good condition about 4 years old though
(1) Spartan hang upside down type portable bench with foot holds to do upside down ab stuff
(1) Cybex Leg Press (about 5 years old)
(1) Cybex Rotary Hip (looks like what they use for rehab)
(1) Spartan Decline Bench (does hold the bar)
(1) Spartan Seated Military Press (does hold the bar)
(1) Unknown Nautilus chain type shoulder press

Instead of trading, have you considered selling some of the above equipment to raise some extra funds?

NYBB do decent budget racks

And the Pendlay bumpers and bars are always recommended for those on a budget

I would LOVE to sell them…but I work for a govt entity, and selling is not an option for all kinds of red tape reasons…govt agencies at all levels from my understanding, find it easier paperwork and admin wise, to just throw away or give away stuff…so Im trying to avoid having these things in storage for 20 years before they get disposed of, and since they cut my budget and higher ups truly have no interest in S&C programs (rather dont have a clue what its all about probably), I wanted to try to get something for my people somehow with this stuff.

Thanks for the advice, Im going to check out that bumper company! York racks are thumbs up from those who have used them? There are so many companies these days, Magnum, Pro Star, who knows who else…if I had the budget I promised I already had a big package deal worked out with Sorinex…Sorinex or Powerlift would be nice, but Powerlift is $$$$$$$$$$$$…Sorinex has great stuff from my experience so I was hoping to go with them when I thought I had funding.