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Need Gyno Advice


i know i will get flamed for this but i started my cycle last week with out getting my ancillaries.. they were expected the next day but i ended up waiting over 7 days.. stupid as fuk i know.

im on 500mg test e for 10 weeks

now a week later, no water retention or anything just there is a lump behind each nipple (i had a tiny one in right nipple since puberty, only feel it when i rub hard), the right nipple has a bigger one and left nipple has a tiny one i can barely feel.. i only noticed because i been rubbing my nipples daily to see if there is a new lump.

i have plenty of arimidex and nolvadex on hand now.

i started taking adex .5mg eod.. i read from the search button that nolva can help but i am still not sure as other posts say nolva wont do shti for gyno.


It might be too late if there are already hard lumps. However, I wouldn't think that one week into a test e cycle would have created a problem already.... meaning, could these be pre-existing? Try taking 20mg ED of nolvadex to see if it changes anything. Nolvadex certainly helps me if I feel any sort of potential "gyno" issues.


yeah i always had a small lump in my right nipple since puberty..now it is pretty much slightly larger.

and my nipples are not puffy/sore or anything, only way i found out was because i rub to feel that area every day.

how about liquidix/arimidex ? i took 1mg today and will keep it 0.5mg eod.. thoughts ?


i will try 60mg of nolva for next few days and see how that goes


Nothing is going to take away existing gyno.

Yes, use arimidex at .5mg EOD to keep it from getting worse.

Not sure why your'e going to take 60mg of nolva.


a user here that goes by the name of Bonez---- reccomended it someone in the gyno sticky.

made this thread for second opinion.

thanks for you help dude


A relatively high dose of a SERM for a few days will work quicker than a normal dose of an AI at stopping further estrogenic activity at the breast


I'm sure that it was pre existing, you would be surprised how common gyno is.. it just isn't noticeable on most people. In my experience, if the gyno was worsened by the test at all you would have noticeable soreness. That lump behind your nipple would be sore to touch.


Good point, I was more pointing that out because it seemed as if this was something that has existed for some time. No amount of anything but surgery will really fix it at that point.


Agreed. But no sense waiting for the adex to build up to a stable dose and allow the mass to grow further.