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Need gym equipment

I’m in the process of adding a gym addition to my house, and was looking for some good-quality bodybuilding equipment. Does anybody have experience with any companies that produce good equipment and deliver to San Diego? I’m looking for cable cross-over with adjustable cable height, bench, seated row/lat pull, etc.

I’ve got a Parabody Smith machine with the cable attachment, a Hack Squat/Leg press machine (incline), adjustable decline/incline bench, leg extension/leg curl machine and seated calf machine all from Body Solid…and about 3 full sets of olympic weights and a healthy assortment of hex DBs. I’m pretty much satisfied with the durability and performance of the equipment, however, a word to the wise regarding the Smith machine…bolt the bastard to the floor or load up the bottom horns with 45s! I walked that *ucker across my basement during heavy squats and it wasn’t pretty. Any of the online fitness equipment outlets should deliver to SD, some even have free shipping which can save you hundreds. I’ve seen cable crossover machines on a variety of these websites.

Good luck!