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Need Guidance with Training Plan


Sup guys..I've been working out for like 2-3 months seriously on upper and like 5-6 months on legs. :slight_smile: squats and all.
Thing is ive put on muscle but ive put on some fat aswell, making me look less defined etc.

This doesnt matter to me now since its winter here in Australia, but summer time is coming in like 5 months, and i wanna do a cut even if im still on the skinny side, ill be going beach and pools and stuff.

I plan on training hard with the weights and eating calories above maintance, and heaps of protein to put on some more muscle for about 3 months (hopefully 5-10lb gain of MUSCLE) and probably abit of fat in the process.

My question is would 2 of the remaining months be enough to cut about 5-10 Lb of FAT while maintaing most muscle mass? I'm at about 12-14% bodyfat now and i'd probly be at like 14-15% by then, id need to cut approx 5-10lb of fat to get down to 9-10ish % bodyfat. Would that be enough time or is that too much time and or what.. ?

I;m still skinny now.. about 150lb at 5"8, and i know the whole thing about bulking about and not cutting until you're actualy big, but everybody has their own goal and my (short term) goal is bulk up a little and then do a cut so im ready to hit the beach when summertime comes;)

Pls dont critise me on this because im not asking.. "HOW DO I GET HUGE SHOULD I CUT?" im asking what i think is a legit question, so anyway sorry about the long post lol, but yeah.




I understand where you're coming from I'm 5'8" as well and I used to think like this I wanted to be cut and I got down to less than 160 BUT I was just skinny with no muscle.

Take it from me it really isnt worth cutting when you have no muscle mass, it is just much much harder.

If you start lifting and putting on some muscle, your worry about BF% will disappear and quite frankly your BF% should stay approximately because you will be adding lean mass at the same time.

I know you have your own goals but do not fear sticking on some mass and getting stronger, it will be far more beneficial than bulk/cut mini cycles.


At your size I would forget about the next two summers and concentrate on the third summer when you can be 185 and ripped. You will still look far, far better during the next two summers at the beach being heavier then than a skinny buck-fitty, and as far as I know there are no body fat limitations on any of the beaches of Australia.

If you think that the only way to get laid is to be at 10% bf, that is on another thread at psycho.com.


^ Hahaha, that's excellent.

OP, if you're asking if you can do your plan by summer - then sure, I'd say 'yes.'
But after you do it, you'll see that there is no difference whatsoever in your body.


Lol i could almost see this coming but i tried anyway. Yeah i see where you guys are coming from , and you're right a 150lb 10% bodyfat wont look big at all, but it will look better than 155-160 at 14% or so. I've naturally always been abit on the "skinny fat" side but i notice that in the last 4-5 months of working out i;ve put on like 15-20lb, however the fat has to be pretty minimal ( I could see NO abs before, now i can see top 2 and sometimes 4 depending on the lightin lol).

I know this is probably to do with beginner gains but i guess what im asking is .. when i hit that 15% bodyfat, diet down to 10, start again. The thing with that is choosing when to diet, and summer would be a good time. If i diet down then and keep hitting the weights hard in summer, which i will because its holidays and i can workout even harder due to school not being on :slight_smile: any gains of fat will not be very significant if im at 10%, as you guys said ill be gaining muscle aswell and evening out. I really dont feel happy at my bodyfat % now, my arms look alright flexed (relatively) but relaxed it just looks chubby. Same with everything else!

I know that 150lb wont look big or huge, but some of my mates who are like that weight/height( maybe a little bigger .. like 5 lb?) with around 9-10% bodyfat that look pretty good at the beach/pool ( no homo lol).

Just another question whats a realistic fat loss rate per week, most of it being fat? I've heard 1-2b for fat loss per week is okay, just wanted to confirm.


At this point, if you aren't looking better each month than you did the previous month, then you are probably not doing something right.

Either your consistency sucks, or your intensity in the gym sucks if you feel that after however many months you've spent building muscle, you need to cut just to be skinny at the beach.

Hypothetically you could make it a goal for those 5 months leading up to summer to add an inch to your arms and legs, and 2 inches to your chest, and gain another 15-20lbs of bodyweight. Do you really think that would look less impressive than 150lbs and skinny?


Alright i guess you;re right, no matter what for the next 3 months im going to be training hard and eating for strength AND size. I'll post back in 3 months, hopefully i dont fuck up and gain nothing. I looked at my diet a couple of days ago and there is definetly some stuff i could get rid of ( a few soft drinks here and there) and already lose abit of fat without trying to.

If i had to say something about crappy gains it'd be diet not conistency and intensity. I go hard at the gym, and unlike some of my mates who just take the easy way out doing reps of 10 with weight they can rep like 20 times. I have a home gym and a gym membership so even if i can't make it to the gym i always make sure to make up for it at home, seeing as i pretty much got everything i need at home. And i didnt mean i need to cut now, i mean attempt to gain more muscle in the next 3 months or so then cut! I'm also pretty sure that even if i cut down to 10% i could somewhat maintain it while bulking if i just cut out ALL junk food , not that i eat alot of it anyway.

I guess theres a couple of choices. Addin abit of muscle and trying to cut to look defined, or just adding the most muscle possible with minimal fat. Now that i think about it, if i gain minimal fat i'd actually end up at a lower bf % than I am now, because of the extra muscle.

Anyway thanks alot guys for all the advice, and thanks for not flaming me and calling me a troll or something :slight_smile:

I'll keep training hard and up my calories (even more...) and post back in 3 months or so!


Lols, another question.. i've been doing upper/lower splits pretty much this whole time, should i switch to a bodypart split or just continue on with an upper/lower split (ws4sb style )


if it aint broke dont fix it.