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Need Good Advice Please


Hi all. I started training about 3 years ago and everything was going well. I then got a concussion and I couldn't lift for a long time. Id get really dizzy and lifting was not a real option for me until i got better. In this time, ive gained a lottt of weight, and not healthy. I'm 5'7 and 190 pounds. I used to weigh 170. Im not too worried about the weight per se, but I know little, or any of it is muscle gains.

I recently started working out again, but I'm a bit lost and need advice on the direction I should be heading in. I know that I should gain more muscle before attempting any type of cut, but at the same time, I feel as if I need to lose the fat that ive gained, or at least some of it.
I don't know what type of workouts I should be performing in the gym... Ive been lifting for a couple months now, but not seeing any real changes. My diet is mostly clean, but Ive been changing my workouts and lifting without any direction.

I am thinking of just losing the weight and starting a bulk once I lose it, but is it better to train for hypertrophy? Should I still be looking to add more muscle, even though ive gained so much fat?



(sorry. i don't know what i'm talking about heh.)


what are you goals? read the stickies


google stronglifts 5x5, i would suggest you try his 12 week trial, you get to start off with just the weight of the bar to practice form, and fairly quickly get to build up by adding 5 lbs every workout. this way you can feel out how your head reacts to lifting during squats and deadlifts. remember to breath when you lift.


At 5'7" 190lbs, you can't be that bad off. Most people in your situation do best on a strength program and maybe just a little cardio (but for heart health reasons, not necessarily for weight loss). Once you build some muscle, dieting will be TONS easier.

Any decent strength program will do to start you off, nothing magic about that. Start light (much lighter than you are capable of) and add some weight every time you do a particular lift, much like Stronglifts. The one rule is that no matter what weight you have loaded on the bar, you push like it's more than your max. Every rep.


You, sir, need some goals. How fast do you think you can get to:
225 bench press
315 Squat
365+ Deadlift
160 Military press


I just think I have too high a percentage of body fat right now. My lifts now are:
Squat- 245
Bench- 155 (always my weakest but thats a different thread)
Deadlift- 275

I know theyre not the greatest numbers but besides the bench press, im not that far off from where I used to be a couple years ago. I should still be lifting for strength though? Your replies make me want to start Rippetoe again, but I didn't really see the best fat loss results from that plan, though I did make noticeable strength gains.

The problem is, I've never been in this situation before. When I did make muscle gains, I started off very thin, around 140 pounds. I went up to 165. Now being on the opposite end, and having a high body fat, should my training still be the same as you are suggesting?


I think your best bet would be to start out with a noob program. Comprised mainly of compound lifts. Through clean eating, heavy lifting, and some fasted cardio in the mornings you should be good. Check out Reg Park's 5x5 program that'll last a while.


If you are just starting back, ANY type of training will result in you gaining muscle, since you want to lose some fat, personally, I would do total body circuit MWF, with 15-20 min of cardio after workout OR 3 min high intensity between every 2 exercises ( ie. stairmaster, series of calisthetics: squat thrusts, step ups, mt climbers etc) and some cardio on T/TH.

After 3 months reassess your goals and training.

Don't eat junk, you can utilize search function for info regarding workouts/ cardio and diet
be consistant, don't miss workouts.

good luck


Read the stickies...then read them again...then make a plan (with some of the info/links from the stickies open on your browser)... Then do it.

Basically, you shouldn't be worrying about "cutting" or "bulking" quite yet. As other posters pointed out, strength is a good goal for now. Just choose a good lifting program from the stickies. Work on cleaning up your diet. Write a food log. Once you have done these things, come back to this thread with any extra questions you have.

Also, there is nothing wrong with your first goal being to lose some fat if you choose to go that route. BUT CHOOSE ONE GOAL, MAKE A PLAN, STICK WITH IT. I guess I'll try to be a little more specific. Try TBT from Waturbury w/ cardio (tabata and/or HITT) on 3 of your "off" days. Rest one full day.

Eat Clean, Lift Hard, Rest appropriately.


good idea clarifying that you weren't looking for bad advice