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Need Gift Ideas

Hey guys.

Family and the GF have been asking me for ideas for gifts for my b-day. Not until Mid. Oct. I’m having a tough time with suggestions.

Need a new pair of wrist wraps.
But mainly looking for ideas that will help me in my training.


-A large order of supps from T-Nation.com!

-Workout clothes you like.

-Lifting gloves, if you’re a glove guy… Chalk if you’re a chalk guy… or caluses if you’re a bare-skin guy.:slight_smile:


Agreed, ask for a lot of Grow! and Surge and bulk up this winter.

Don’t use gloves.
And I have enough chalk to last me a couple years :). Since I only use it in my max. lifts.

Lol, and my closet is stocke with t-mag supps. :slight_smile:

Was thinking of smelling salts…?
Anyone know where I could find these?

How about a kilt?

Just a few ideas:

1)Adjustable Kettlebells / KettleGrips:

KettleGrips would be a good variation to your workout, especially if you work out at home or have some old plates to “recycle”.

2)Weight vest:

You can put that on and add spice to your workout with almost any bodyweight and GPP exercises.

3)Books from any one of the T-coaches

You just can’t go wrong with this. Go for books with Kettlebell instructions (i.e. Coach Davies) in case you go for option (1).

Hope it helps,

Geek boy

Was thinking of getting tudor bompa “theory and methodology” book

check out inronmind.com and elitefts.com

You should have plenty to choose from there.

If you’re into doing weighted GPP try the ironmind sandbag kit or elite’s dragging sled. For grip training, try the captain of crush grippers from ironmind as well.

In faith,

Maybe something that you can use after a workout like a gift cert to a professional massage. Or new gym clothes or a new bag. I bought my husband an awsome Under Armour bag that has a mat that rolls out from the bottom for standing on to change like taking off equipment after a game he loves that bag! http://www.underarmour.com/ProductDetail.cfm?site_id=4&dept_id=5&coll_id=162&pf_id=080643 The finalizer bag is awsome! The team field bag is great and is not as expensive but the bags are very well made and the clothing is really nice as well.