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Need general info on low carb diets

Hey all. I’m in summer school right now doing a public speaking class. I am a strong advocate of low carb diets, but not the atkins crap, rather the traditonal bodybuilder’s approach (low-mod fat, lots of lean protien, frequent meals, and tons of veggies). So what I want to do is present the basics of this diet:how it works, who it is for, and the pros/cons. I already have a lot of experience w/ this diet, so spare me the common sense stuff. I need some little-known facts, and the science behind it all. Thanks all you Biotest faithful.

Well it’s not really that complicated. It’s all about the insulin response. The best way I ever heard low carb diets described in laymen’s terms was to picture fat as a LOG in a campfire, carbs as newspaper, and the fire as your metabolism. If both are thrown into the fire at once, what would be burned first? Of course the newspaper!! Now this is a limited analogy but it should make the people in your class start to understand with limited nutrition knowledge. You wont get an A for boring them with too much science. Your body prefers always prefers the paper(carbs) over the log(fat) because carbs are much easier to break down and use as fuel even though there is more energy in the fat. So you have to limit your carbs thereby lowering insulin and making your body make a shift to burning fat as a primary energy source which wont happen with if that damm tasty newspaper is around. This might not be exactly what you were asking for but public speaking is about engaging the audience, keeping them interested and hopefully entertained. It’s not a science project. I gave a persuasive speach in public speaking about how steroids should be legalized. Everyone was doing the whole legalize pot thing. Let me tell you how anti the class was before I started but by the end I actually convinced 90% of the class that I was right and got the highest grade in the class!! You can’t beat those results!! Don’t treat it like an advanced bodybuilding seminar or you will lose your target audience. sorry to ramble. good luck

I founds the Atkins book very informative truthfully, although I’d never go that extreme. The info is pretty good though. Some of the other common books, Protein Power and Zone, I think, also gave a nice historical view of low carb diets. Might also checkout BodyOpus by Duchaine.

Vain is the dude, who could provide you with info on keto diets. WSTRAINER is the other dude who knows a bit on this subject. Heb is another good source on the forum. Direct these types of questions to any of these guys -you’ll receive an answer.

Check out Rob Faigin’s “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” thru dragondoor publications. It’s not as extreme as atkins, even tho I use Atkins powder in some of my protein shakes, plus he has some interesting other ideas to improve one’s testosterone.

Red- Doesn’t Atkins powder contain a lot of soy? If you’re worried about T, why are you using it?

Thanks all so much, especially DS. That’s a great analogy. I’ll definatly include it. Thanks again.


simple and easy

TEK, I really didn’t know it had soy in it, shows I didn’t read the ingredients~~says a protein blend with soy protein about 3 proteins down, but now I just have to check out other protein powders! Thanks!

You can read my post above in the “Thoughts on Vegetarians” thread, and here are other resources : www.paleodiet. com , www.nutritionreporter. com/stone_age_diet.html This will give you some little known info, and provide an interesting slant, with plenty of scientific info and documantation to back it up. Good luck.