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Need Full Body Workout for 2x Week


I need a Fullbody workout because my time is limited. I’ve got soccer 4 times a week so it’s a little complicated. I used WS4SB all the time.

I thought of something like that, but after the “lat-excercises” I don’t know what to do:

A ballistic bench press 5-8x 3reps (or 4sets 12reps regular bench)
B ME box squat 3-5reps
C bulgarian split squats 3x 8-12reps
D pull ups 4x 8-12reps
E lateral raises 3x 8-15reps
F bb curls 4x 8-15reps

A box squats 5-8x 2reps 50% rotate with box jumps
B ME bench press 3-5reps
C db bench press 2x max reps
D rows 4x 8-12reps
E shrugs 4x 8-15reps
F ball back brdige + leg curls 3x 8-12reps (or RDL)

Maybe I could superset E+F in both workouts.

PS: I’M lifting at home and got only 2dbs and 1bb so I can’t superset some excercises!

Trade one of the chest presses on Wed out for some over head work. That’s an adjustment I’d personally make.

If you’re a soccer player, why are doing so much upper body work? I understand you probably run a lot at practice, but you should augment this with exercises that are more sport specific.

Try performing complex moves that require a little bit of athleticism that you can perform explosively. Power cleans, squats, front squats, single leg romanian deadlifts, pullups, bench and deadlifts should be plenty.

Try doing something like cleans, bench, and single leg romanian deadlifts on monday. Do lots of sets (5-7) with low reps using close to your 1rm, but do about half the reps per set that it takes to hit failure with that weight or use about half your 1rm and perform 2-5 reps explosively. Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets to mimic in-game bursts of power.

On Wed. do deadlifts, pullups and squats. By doing these moves at near max or explosively, you will be putting out max force output and really hitting your fast twitch fibers without hitting your slow twitch ones. This will maximize explosive strength gains without creating a hypertrophy effect and this requiring more rest time.

Performing complex moves will increase your motor learning ability and help you get better at applying huge force and power during an athletic movement.

Toss in a couple of ballistic movements like explosive crossover pushups with a medicine ball, jumping lunges and jumping squats with just the barbell on your back at the beginning of the workout. This workout won’t get you big, but it’ll make your muscles much more efficient and functional without wearing you out throughout the week. In fact, you could do three exercises a day m-f like this and be fine. Just make sure you leave a little in the tank when you use 85-90% of your 1rm.

I don’t want to overhead presses because of my shoulders. I also get problems with inlcine bench press.

Yeah artw, I unterstand your arguments, but I think it will be very hard for me to recover (legs).

If I do ME Squats+bulgarian split squats like in my template above (WS4SB like) I think its nearly at the maximum for my legs.

But maybe I can incoperate some of the things you mentioned.

I don’t want to split in one ME and one DE day but maybe I can combine your examples…

If you are in season, or conditioning for soccer as if you were I would suggest you cut down on the volume.

Defranco has a template for an in-season MWSFSB.


But then again, if you dont have a problem recovering from the program you are doing now and are getting results, I wouldn’t change it