Need Front Squat Thoughts

Hey everyone,

 Last couple of weeks I've been doing front squats to change things up a bit.  I really love what it does to my legs!  But, wow, are they tough.  I feel like I can hardly breathe with all of the weight on top of my chest, and sometimes against your throat area.  The last workout I noticed the weighted bar felt like it was dislocating my shoulder.  As you bring your elbows up in front (as suggested by most) I feel my shoulder joint open up and it doesn't feel right having a bar in that very spot.  The day after my shoulder did feel a little "tweaked".  I'm looking for any adivce from veteran users of the front squat on how I can make this a little more comfortable for my upper body.  Is there any?  Right now I use a towel folded up on my collar bone area and have my hands crossed to support the bar and have my elbows up to make my arms parallel to the floor.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Check out this link:;jsessionid=922543C2F26FD798F0303404F0D994FE.titan?id=526690

I don’t know if you saw that on the “Review It” part of T Nation, but I would highly recommend getting one of those. I probably will get one of those ASAP!

I know what pain you are talking about, though. It just sucks :frowning: Thats why I shy away from front squats. Even though I feel it in my legs and its awesome, breathing is a priority.


There is a product called the Manta Ray for back squats that seems to have gotten pretty popular in recent years so they started manufacturing the Manta Ray for front squats as well.

It is esentially two large plastic pads that clip to the bar and are roughly in the shape of the tops your shoulders when in the front squat position.

I used them for a short time but decided I didn’t need them. They did however work very well and really are heavy duty. They might be just what you need. The only draw back is that they are kind of pricey.

I won’t plug any particular website because they’re avaliable about everywhere. Hope this helps.


I just realized that the device they make for front squats is actually called the sting ray. The manta ray is for the back squat.