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Need For Speed

What an awesome site, just found it so I will introduce myself. I’m a 50 year old male who happens to be a gym junkie. I’ve worked out most of my life. I’m 168 lbs of fury, intense is the name of my game. I’m as big as I’m ever going to get and I have a need for speed…

All my workouts are geared around my favorite sports, endurance speed blading and cycling. I do mass amounts of pull ups, chin ups, Push ups on three medicine balls, and every kind of dumbbell exercise I can find and every type of lunge imaginable.

I will take all tips and run the course with them, if they work for I’ll keep them if not they’re gone. Right now I’m doing the P90X exercise program, and I love it.

I’m hoping I’m not the only welter weight on this site. From what I’ve seen you guys are awesome, and f’n big. Go for it guys, one more rep. I’ve read a lot of the posts and I really like what I see and read. So if anyone out there was any tips for increasing my speed, I’m a sponge. Oh yeah, don’t let my age fool you, I only know one way to workout, give it everything or go home.

Hope to hear from you all, have a good one.



Oh how it burns.
Wide front pull ups x 14
Lawnmowers x 16 @ 35lbs dumbbells (dbs)
Twenty ones x 21 @ 35lbs dbs
One arm cross body curls x 12ea @ 30lbs dbs
Switch grip pull ups x 8
Elbow out lawnmowers x 13 @ 35lbs dbs
Standing bicep curls x 12ea @ 35lbs dbs
One arm concentration curls x 9ea @ 30lbs dbs
Corn cob pull ups x 5 (pull up move left, move right, move forward, move back repeat)
Reverse grip bent-over rows x 16 @ 20lbs dbs
Open arm curls x12ea @ 30lbs dbs
Static arm curls x 4 by 4 @ 30 lbs dbs
Towel pull ups x 10 (drape gym towel over bar hold with one hand other hand on bar)
Congdon locomotives x 20ea @ 30lbs dbs (bent over lat pull ups at high speed)
Crouching Cohen curls x 6 @ 30 lbs dbs
One arm corkscrew curls x 12ea @ 30 lbs dbs
Chin ups x 10
Seated bent over flys x 16 @ 20 lbs dbs
Curl up hammer downs x 14ea @ 30 lbs dbs
Hammer curls x 12ea @ 30 lbs dbs
Max rep pull ups x 7
Superman x 6 (laying on stomach arms and legs up hold ten seconds)
In out hammer curls x 16 @ 20 lbs dbs
Strip set curls x 8 @ 35,30,25,20,15,12,10,8 lbs dbs

Arms are fried, wheres my recovery drink
I love this, cadio tonight how sweet it is


Today was abs and obliques, Six pack going for the eight pack with wings and fries on the side.

everything is 25 reps
In & out seated knee crunches
seated bicycle
seated crunchy frog knee crunch with arm wrap
Crossed leg/wide leg sit up
Fifer scissors
Hip rock n’ raise
pulse up (heels to heaven)
roll up/V-up combo
oblique V-up
leg climb
Mason (kayak) twist 40reps
elevated obliques with medicine ball roll upper hand at zenith
weighted oblique twists

35 minutes oh how sweet they look, cardio tonight

I don’t know allot about your type of training but I can recognise hard work and determination when I see it!

Welcome and Good work!

Welcome streamline! Damn you’re lean. I’m at about 195lb. right now, But no hint of lean on me. Great workout buddy.

[quote]Colin Wilson wrote:
I don’t know allot about your type of training but I can recognise hard work and determination when I see it!

Welcome and Good work![/quote]

Ditto from me. Although I’ve never heard of a lot of the exercises in your training, they obviously work at keeping you lean. I weigh 168 right now, but I’m 3 inches shorter and I’m female. Damn, I feel like a tub o’ lard.

Great work. Keep the motivation high!

Thanks everyone, you sure know how to make someone feel welcome. This site is fantastic, the articles are great, but most of all the people on it are amazing. It’s not like I haven’t workout best guys and gals that are so powerful. I’m always blown away by the dedication body builders and power lifters have. It’s the difference talking the talk and walking the walk, some live their dreams others just dream. I haven’t seen any dreamers yet. So keep hitting it hard everyone, just one more rep!

Back and legs

Balance lunge (one foot on bench) 25 reps ea 20lbs dbs
Calf raise squat 20 reps 25lb dbs
Reverse grip chin ups 14 reps
Super skaters 25 reps ea (on one leg moving arms bring knee to chest and extend leg back
Wall squat 90 seconds going for 180
Wide front pull ups 14 reps
Step back lunge 15 reps ea 20lb dbs

Alternating side lunge 24 reps ea no weight
Closed grip overhand pull ups 12 reps
Single leg wall squat 80 sec. 10 second change
Dead lift squat 12 reps ea 25lb dbs (on one leg weights to floor)
Switch grip pull up 2 by 2 10 reps switch to chin up on the down don’t touch floor
Three way lunge with two kick option 10 reps ea flick kick or leg raise

Sneaky lunge (on toes) 24 reps ea 20lb dbs
Reverse grip chin ups 14 reps
Chair salutations 24 reps 25lb dbs (squat from bent over position)
Toe roll Iso lunge (to hard to describe)
Wide front pull up 8 reps
Groucho walk 40 steps (squat legs apart 2 step forward 2 steps back)
Calf raises 16 reps 30lb dbs
Closed grip overhand pull up 10 reps
80/20 cyber speed squats 15 reps ea (80% weight on one leg 20% other leg)
Switch grip pull ups 6 reps

Drag my sorry ass to the bench and enjoy my recovery drink, I was fried six ways to Sunday and I loved every minute of it, I’m as good as I ever was. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

Cardio tonight
Got pissed off at the gym today again, I truly dislike those how occupy areas and then working their yaps instead of working their bodies, losers, losers, losers what more is there to say. One more rep!

Huh, huh, welcome. Sorry man but I get struck everytime I see vilasboas’ avatar on a thread.
Lots of stuff I never even heard of. What kind of distances do endurance speed blade and cycling involve? Sounds like long distance but I see a lot of stuff reminds me of sprinters weight room work outs.
Don’t be as good as you ever were, be better.

hel320 thanks, must have been a Freudian slip, better is best.
Speed blading endurance was four categories, one hour, six hour, twelve hour and the killer twenty-four hour. I plan on break or setting every over fifty record. But I’m really reaching for the over all record. Fastest clocked speed so far 43kmh or about 26 mph, I know I’m faster now. My favorite pass time is chasing cyclists, I can catch and pass mountain biker cause their gear ratio can not compare to my push.

I like the road bikes best, the look on their faces when they look over their shoulder and see me sitting in their draft is priceless. Then they kick it up and bury me. Which only means the race is on, cause I will not stop until I drop, like a carrot on a stick. The cycling is just for of season training. Used to race but most cyclist are jerks and very cliqueish. My favorite saying that I’ve come up with is “taking the lead is heaven, holding it is hell, welcome to Hell!!” got to get that on workout shirt. One more rep!

Short ab workout today. Alternate three week routine starts tomorrow looking forward to the change, well sort of. It’s going to burn baby burn, amazing what I’ll do for that chocolate recovery drink. One more rep!

I totally forgot just how intense the first day of this new three week routine was. I swear it had me too mt knees by the third to last set. Nine hours later and I can still feel it in my arms. I can hardly want till next week when I do it again. I real do love this shit, lol!

Chest & Back
All push ups are done on three medicine balls with the exception of the Dive-Bomber Push ups.

Standard Push-ups X 22
Wide Front Pull-Ups X 13
Military Push-Ups X 16
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups X 12
Wide Fly Push-Ups X 11
Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups X 10
Decline Push-Ups X 16 (three foot elevation)
Heavy Pants 16 X 35 lb dbs
Diamond Push-ups X 8
Lawnmowers 16 X 30 lb dbs
Dive Bomber Push-Ups X 10
Reverse Grip Back Flys 16 X 20 lb dbs

Second round, same as the first but a little bit harder and a whole lot worse (burn baby burn)
Standard Push-Ups X 13
Wide Front Pull-Ups X 10
Military Push-ups X 9
Reverse Grip Chin-Ups X 10
Wide Fly Push-ups X 10
Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups X 8
Decline Push-Ups X 12
Heavy Pants 16 X 40 lb dbs
Diamond Push-Ups X 4 (I’m fried and on my knees)
Lawnmowers 16 X 35 lb dbs
Dive Bomber Push-Ups X 8
Reverse Grip Back Flys 16 X 20 lb dbs

All this for a chocolate recovery drink, I would have smiled but I was exhausted. That was a burn to remember, I love this I really do!

Damn steamline, I’m gettin tired just reading this. Great work!

Taking a couple days off, That last workout is still with me. The body speaks the brain better listen.

I WISH I HAD YOUR MUSCLE & CARDIO ENDURANCE!!! I couldn’t be a pimple on your ass; your workouts are super intense & you are equal to the task! Nice work stream!!!

[quote]QuarterTonner wrote:
I WISH I HAD YOUR MUSCLE & CARDIO ENDURANCE!!! I couldn’t be a pimple on your ass; your workouts are super intense & you are equal to the task! Nice work stream!!![/quote]

Shit you made me blush, thanks. I’ve always be intense, at work, play and in the gym. I just don’t want to get old, in body, mind or soul. My quest for the fountain of youth so to speak.

[quote]streamline wrote:
The body speaks the brain better listen.[/quote]

“God gave us two heads but only one brain”.
Robin Williams

Man, I’m getting my cardio in just reading your posts.
There’s a lot of studies of the mental aspects of competition. I get really up when I compete but my sports take very brief spurts of energy. What do you do with your mind during a 24 hr endurance event? Shit, I’d forget what I was doing and why I was there.
Be sure and let us know when you get into some of your competitions.

Today we got to pumped up the canons, always a good way to start the week. Good workout today, made some increases in both reps and weight. I’m starting to feel the time crunch as spring gets close, some very intense leg workout on the horizon. I have to break the 50 kmh mark by late spring or early summer. Once that mile stone is behind me it’s time to hunt up so sponsors for 2009. Then we’ll see if it’s all been worth it.

Shoulders & Arms

Alternating Shoulder Presses X 15ea @ 30lb dbs
In & Out Bicep Curls X 20 @ 30lb dbs
Two Arm Tricep Kickback X 16 @ 20lb dbs (elbow above back tight to sides)
Deep Swimmer’s Press X 20 @ 30lb dbs (hammer curl to shoulders then press up)
Full Supination Concentration Curls X 24 @ 30lb dbs (Rotate arm to side at summit)

Dips X 16 (feet slightly in front of body,slow)
Upright rows X 20 @ 25lb dbs (elbows high)
Static Arm Curls X 16 @ 30lb dbs (one holding at mid way other arm curls 4x2 each arm alternating)
Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks X 16 @ 20lb dbs (rotate palm facing forward twist on way up)
Seated Two-Angle Shoulder Flys X 10ea @15lb dbs
Crouching Cohen Curls X 20 @ 20lb dbs (crouch elbows on inside of knee,curl)

Laying-Down Tricep Extensions X 15 @ 25lb dbs
In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder flys X 12ea @ 15lb dbs
Congdon Curls X 16ea @ 30lb dbs (squat elbow on knee forearm in front, rest opposite elbow on wrist and curl)
Side Tri-Rises X 20/20 (on side bottom hand on shoulder, upper hand by shoulder and press up)

Alternating Shoulder presses X 24 @ 35lb dbs
In & Out Bicep Curls X 16 @ 30lb dbs
Two-Arm Tricep Kickbacks X 16 @ 20lb dbs
Deep Swimmers Press X20 @ 30lb dbs
Full Supination Concentration Curls X 24 @ 30lb dbs
Dips X 16
Upright Rows X 20 @ 25lb dbs
Static Arm Curls X 16 @ 30lb dbs
Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks X 16 @ 20lb dbs
Seated Two-Angle Shoulder Flys X 10ea @15lb dbs

Crouching Cohen Curls X 19 @ 20lb dbs
Laying Down Tricep Extensions X 16 @ 25lb dbs
In & Out Straight Arm Shoulder Flys X 10 @ 15lb dbs
Congdon Curls X 14 @ 30lb dbs
Side Tri-Rises X 20/20

My Shoulders are sore from typing, only been seven hours since workout. Time for a little stretching. Cardio tonight.