Need for size..

Hi guys! I need your opinions on a sound method for getting bigger. I have used creatine (15g/day) for quite some time in that effort and it has helped. Now, I feel that my body is at a plateau and I want to move further. I’m 5’11", 180 and do 275 on flat bench, arm curl 50 and load up the lat pull to 270. I want to see the size up top come and move on to more weight but it’s not coming. I go about 5 days to the gym and alternate- back and bis one day, chest and tri’s the other then rest for two days. I’ve been taking glutamine and don’t know what the effective dose should be but I’m taking about 10-15g/day. I’ve started taking Humanovar and methoxy. I take one pill of HV (I don’t know offhand the mg)at night and morning as directed. I take methoxy before and after workouts with creatine. My strength is there but it is so hard to move up to next level and get size. My protein intake varies between 160 to over 200g a day. I’m very slender (runner-but stopped running) and want that bulk up top without my waist becoming a barrel. Any suggestions are graciously welcome. Thanks Cam :slight_smile:

What kind of leg training do you do and when? Intense leg training can help your body release more GH, which can lead to more muscle growth…even in your upper body. Also, your protein intake is too low. I’d get at least 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight each day.

Cam, In the name of all that’s HOLY, learn to deadlift! By the time
you have MASTERED the DL, it will be reflected in your
body’s overall increase in muscle size and density!
I can’t see the reasoning in your 270 lb. lat pull! I guess
that’s because it conjures up the image of the knuckleheads
on the lat pull at my gym, heaving down 270 lbs. and then letting
it snap back like a catapult. WOW!!! They complete 8 reps in under
12 seconds!? (Weighted chins would be the more appropriate choice.)
Which leads to my last point: IF size is your prize, pay attention
to REP CADENCE; this website has many articles on the subject!
I use a 3 second negative - a 1 sec. hold - and a 1 sec., positive, most
of the time. Hope this is of use - Joey Z.

Just in case anyone was wondering, this is a new “cam” and not me…back on topic - Nate Dogg’s right, you’ve got to include some heavy basic leg training into your program to really beef up. I don’t necessarily agree with the protein issue though - 200g. should be more than enough unless you want high-nitrogren feces for fertilizer. Also, size is not necessarily the end result of hoisting a lot of weight - playing around with your rep ranges and making sure you’re really focussing in on the muscles working are just as important as weight used. As a side note, I used to do Seated Rows with 210 to 220 pounds but didn’t see any real results in terms of back development until I cut the weight in half and really started to focus. Good Luck!

WHOA! there… lighten up on the creatine! 15g/day for an extended period of time is not only a waste of money, but could possibly result in liver damage in the long run. All that is necessary is 20-25g/day for 5 days to load, and then a 5-8g/day maintanance dose for the rest of the cycle. and please cycle.

Basic movements. squats, deads, dips/bench, pullups, so forth…
Good luck with your training!

Serrano said that humanovar recommendations were far too low, for you, 6-10 caps a day on an empty stomach …

It’s your diet, no doubt. Do you keep a food log? How many calories per day? Try the Growth Surge Project if you need guidelines on training and diet.