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Need for HCG?

I’m starting to plan out/order my next cycle, which is probably going to be the same as my last-
750mg Test E/wk 12 wks
50/60mg Dbol wks 1-4; 10-14
Adex probably .25mg E3D up 'til PCT

I know it’s suppose to help you recover faster and easier, but I also know you need to be careful to not dose it too high. I guess I’m just looking for personal experience here rather than the scientific reasons of why it should be used.

what i did (and what seems to be the prevalent trend now) is to dose hcg DURING your cycle.

I did 250mg Q4D starting from the third week.
I also extended it all the way up until the post cycle (i believe one-two injections past the half life of the test)

If you do this, you should not need to use it during the PCT, and you avoid long periods of inactivity of the cells in the testes

I know you’re suppose to start it during the cycle, but I’m just trying to figure out how beneficial it would really be for me.

It’s not like HCG is expensive so that’s not the issue, I’m just waiting to hear from someone who says you ABSOLUTELY should use it or some people who say “eh, you’d probably be better off with it, but eitherway…”