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Need for a Sportbike Movie


Since it's come up in the Fast Five thread, and practically taken it over, here's a thread to discuss the "need" for a good sport bike movie. Not "Torque" or "Biker Boyz", but something with the look of some of the recent car movies, but centered around sport bikes.

Why sport bikes? Why not? Harley/cruiser movies have been done, so why not give the fast bikes a shot? And I'm not hating on all bikes other than sportbikes, as I think everyone on 2 wheels gets my respect (unless you blow me off when I throw you a "Peace" on the freeway).

Documentaries have been made, but not a real action movie about 'em (unless I'm wrong)

Shit, maybe we just need to make one ourselves!


I honestly think most people who ride in cars hate bikers for some reason.


Well here's one:

Don't hate.

Seriously though. A good bike movie I would watch.


They jelly, and they're terrified of running you over cause they don't see you. Start wearing a high-visibility jacket. That will fix both problems.


It's kind of a throwback, but there's a documentary starring Steve McQueen about motorcycles that you might find interesting. It's called "On Any Sunday" and it's mostly about motorcycle racing. Anything with Steve McQueen has to be the epitome of cool, so this should suffice.


That's because they wish they had the balls and co-ordination to ride a high horsepower machine lol.

I would love to see a movie made but it would tank at the box office. If they did it would have to be an asshole street punk turned over a new leaf kind of flick, yawn.

Now I would go to the theatre in surround sound see a Grand Prix ala Steve MacQueen on bikes for sure. But only hard core folks would want to sit and watch awesome camera angles for 90 minutes which that movie was mostly about.

I'm so stoked that my finances are looking better than the last couple years and I will be able to afford insurance for my bike this season. It's going to be a looooog winter lol.


X2 on Steve McQueen, a Grand Prix type movie for bikes would be awesome. Problem is no one would pay to see cool camera angles and cinematography which is what they movie was mostly about. There was one other F1 grand prix movie that had more of a storyline but I can't remember the name of it. James Garner was in it, anyway that movie made for bikes would be cool too.

Other suggestions

V for Victory is a docu about the Isle of Mann, Little Joey Dunlop was one of a kind.

Little Hoss and Big Hawlsy was a Robert Redford movie about hair scramble (off road) riders. It ain't great but it is a biker movie.

And don't forget the Miami Vice episode with Danny Sullivan for you younger guys, here's the link. Awesome soundtrack lol.


People dont care for bikes. They're not cool they're death traps. You'll instantly kill yourself on anything more than a 500 according to most people, even though the easiest bike I've had the pleasure of riding is a bandit 1200 which, if you crack the throttle on in first, will launch the front into the air at about 3500/4000 rpm and flip you if you're a twat.

Theres just no mass public interest.

I wont watch a bike film like you're describing cause I'm too busy with my mates riding year round in anything but sheet ice.

Tiny market for the film you want to see = no film.


Oh the Isle of Man last year was something else. To actually see them flying around at such ridiculous speeds on those roads will turn your brains to shit, if you actually ride. Truly incredible, I couldn't go around there at half the speed some of those guys do.


I can't agree with this. Millions of bikes are sold each year (ok, maybe not millions, but a LOT) so it's not exactly a "tiny" market. And not everyone's a fan of neon-lighted, rice burning cars, yet they'll still watch movies about them, right?

Maybe I just need to make the movie myself.

Can I get a loan?!


In what respect are you saying millions of bikes are sold? New? Used? Are you including countries that use bikes cause they're cheaper than cars? Are you including mopeds, 125s? How are you getting that information, and how are you deciding on how big the market really is? Are you considering new and used bikes? I know a lot of used bikes that get brought for projects and no one really rides etc... but anyway I'm flying off from the point here.

I think someone should do it, I think biker boys as a concept was as good as you're gonna get a bike film. You'll have to make them shiny and cool to keep interest, you'll need some reasonable or big names so people will wanna watch it but I dunno... what would you want the content to be like? You gonna be;

Riding/Racing on street?
Drag Racing?

And these characters... they gonna be bad ass bikers? They gonna be I wanna be bad ass bikers? Just normal guys? Would you want a love story in there, someone having a smash and a story about that?

When you say an action film what kinda action are you wanting these sports bikes to be in?

If we're gonna talk about it, we might as well get into it do it properly!

I vote streetfightered old sports bikes, no nos or bullshit, downgeared a lot and finished to a good standard so they look bad ass. These will belong to a group of guys who love bikes, get dirty fixing up old bikes and being really into bikes but arent that well off.

Then to oppose this, you've got all the shiney new K whatever bollocks GSXR's with trick bits all over, nos and all that bullshit, all rich bullshit wannabe bikers with money to throw around on everything.

Street races and riding, a few big smashes, rich girl fucks off with down to earth hard working biker, a fair bit of fighting..

... hang on, we're getting all biker boyz here arent we? ...


Paging Doug Adams.....


Sounds good, maybe just 1 movie idea in the franchise we're e-creating here...

Also a good idea, minus some of the ghey that'll show up ala Biker Boyz

To repeat what I had said in another thread about what I think would be cool,

"Maybe along the lines of a group of guys that grow up riding together, and maybe they hit trackdays, start racing, evolve into AMA Superbike or MotoGP riders and have this life full of racing, partying, chicks, lulz, etc. "

That's just my 1 idea for it, although it could really go in any direction. Shit, we could even come up with the fucking script and whole idea right here!


Recent documentary about Lorenzo came out recently AFAIK. You might be interested in that.


I agree. I don't know where other posters live, but bikes rule in Florida and Texas. Yes, they sale thousands of them. I also know from the looks I get on mine that people obviously are interested in them...especially kids. I must get some little kid waving at me every time I am on one....and their older sisters.

I do agree that the average person can't ride one which may be the only reason why they haven't made more movies about them...because you sort of have to be able to handle yourself in some athletic fashion just to handle a bike like that in that position. You won't see too many frail old ladies or super fat old dudes on a sport bike.

The movie Torque came out at the right time to work...but they fucked it up by making a movie so unrealistic that all you could do is either roll your eyes or laugh at it. The overly blatant product placements ads in it only made it worse...what with giant Pepsi signs behind close up shots of the actors.

I honestly think that alone is why we haven't seen one since. Had that movie not tanked, we'd probably be on the 3rd or 4th sequel by now.


I never owned an X-Wing fighter, but I damn sure saw the movies dozens of times. Return of the Jedi Biker Scout scene was fucking awesome.

I just think no one has sold a story line that a production company will finance. If the action is there, it doesn't matter what the hell they're driving/riding/flying, etc. Well, at least not for me.

I mean, c'mon, they have a movie about a goddammed train wreck out right now. Throw together a few dudes with urban attitude and include token black, hispanic guys in the rival gangs and token aging rich white guy with goatee and black turtle neck for a villian-- all riding badass bikes with good CGI and one liners and a half-decent story line and you have a good base. Add in the right combo of hip-hop and metal soundtrack and no end of hot tits and ass, and the studio should break even-- which ain't too bad these days.

I'd go see it and I haven't owned a bike in 10 years :wink:


I wasnt aware they were that popular over in those parts. Over here in England, everyone hates how bikes can "Push in front", how they're always "Riding too fast", "Thinks he's dead cool" etc etc. They're seen as death traps over here because theres always 390 horror stories about someones brothers college friend who knew this guy who had a sister he was seeing on the side who's ex... you know the drill.

I'm envious of the prices and availability of biking in general over there though. Just to get your licence in England now will cost you about £650. By the time you total up good gear to ride in, you're talking atleast £800 for your gear. Then the bike [If you're buying a new blade you're talking just under 10,000 and insurance that'll take you for 2 grand fully covered for a lot of new riders]

Second hand 5 year old sports bikes go for 4-5 grand as well. All of that is enough to put most people off who arent doing well for themselves.

If it wasn't for all the straight roads in the states I'd almost be tempted to move! haha


Yeah, bikes are bigger over here in terms of appeal. I do understand that they are seen as something done by people who take risks...but from experience, I can tell you most people have a very FALSE sense of security in their cars. They think they are untouchable. Bike riders understand the risks involved.

Texas doesn't even have a helmet law even though I don't ride without one.


PX, what do you ride?


I agree with X in that people are interested in them, waving etc. which means they would go to a movie. even if it was a pg-13 so they could get the whole, "oh man i cant wait to own a motorcycle when i get my license" crowd, i know thats how i was.

how many of us really soup up our cars and race them, in tokyo?!?! but we all still watched the movie right?

I think there would be a HUGE market for a good motorcycle movie, the young guns as stated above, the guys who ride, the guys who used to ride, then the people who just want to see a cool flick. this movie will blow a way the box office, especially if we make it.