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Need Football Building Advice

Hello, I’m currently 14.5 years old I weigh 137 lbs and I really want to be a big and strong receiver like this:http://images.nfl.com/photos/img7110109.jpg

He is Mike Williams who is 6.4 ft and 230 lbs. My goal is to be 210-217 lbs because my height is supposed to be no less then 6.2 ft to 6.5 ft so can you help me the ways to add stenght and bulk

20 Rep Squat Program. It works wonders for the lower body which is key in football! It is hard though and you have to be commited, not so much to the lifting part but the diet, it is hard to work with if you are a picky eater. I’m sure there are articles on this program in this site somewhere, open a search on it.

How tall are you right now? What are your current numbers in the lifts you have done? You are so young, you have plenty of time to grow that will come just by getting older in itself. Along with good, solid diet, sound training program, you should be fine. Now is your goal to look like Mike Williams or would you rather perform like Mike Williams? As a football player, your first concern should be your performance, then worry about how big your guns are. Don’t forget a key component: SPEED! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to PM me.

Down Boy!!! I think you may have a case of wanting something too soon! Remember that the guy you have pictured is probably in his early 20’s I’m guessing! He didn’t just wake up one day and have his body and stregth numbers! Your 14! Get in the weight room and lift to get stronger.

Another point…BECOME A GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYER! If that’s waht you want, then you need to work on things ON THE FIELD! I think many people have this idea that if they get strong they will be better at whatever sport they are in…epecially younger people! I was one of those people. Took a good slap in the head to realize it. I was not a quick gainer in H.S…so I needed to rely on getting better on the field and in the ring (I was a shot putter and discus thrower). I went to college, still small, but had good fundimental skills (got a scholarship in track). I eventually got stronger and bigger, but it only helped me in the long run, because I already had learned the right way to throw. Just advise, that’s it.

I’m not trying to discourage you AT ALL to hit the wieghts, because yes they will help! Just saying that if you want to be like that guy, be a good football player first. A coach said to me once…your a thrower who happens to be stonger than the average individual. Your a thrower first…you train as a thrower on the track team…not the weight lifting team! Your still young. You have a lot of years ahead of you, and if you work your AZZ off, things WILL come together!


Step 1: Arrange squats, deadlifts, bench presses, chin ups, overhead presses, good mornings, and bent-over rows in to a three-day total-body program.
Step 2: Eats lots of food.
Step 3: Be bigger.