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Need First Cycle and Diet Advice


I am Zak I'm 21 and weigh about 160 and am about 16% bodyfat. I've been working out off and on for about 6 years. I wanna get big gains first then I'm gonna worry about cutting down. I'm gonna start my first cycle in about a month. Need help putting together my cycle and diet to get the best gains.


please don't start a cycle until you know what you are doing regarding training and nutrition. It won't end well.


You have been at it for six years and you weigh 160? Gear is the last thing you need.

Get on a proven program and eat everything in sight. Be consistent for 4 years, then you might want to re visit this gear thing...


No need to cycle, use the knowledge on this site from guys like Dan john and you can get up to say 200lbs fast and totally naturally....