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Need Fine Tuning on my Progress

Hey guys,

Though i just joined this site i’m not new here, just been keepin up to date with it for the last 6-8 months. So here’s my situation, i’m a 20 year old male that hadn’t really done much physical stuff for about 3-4 years during high school.

Now that i’m out i’ve been motivated to get big for the last 11 months now. The first 3 months were core/cardio related to get some kind of stability to myself. And for the last 8 months i have been strength training as much as possible.

When i started working out i weighed 118 pounds, i now weigh at least 136 as of 6 weeks ago but i’ve gained some mass lately so maybe close to 140. My goal is to hit at least 155 before i start to really focus on getting lean, the problem is it seems that getting lean is all i can do.

You can tell that i have gained muscle mass, but i have to be doing something wrong with the amount of effort i’m giving it and the lack of mass/weight i’m gaining.

My work out routine is as follows -

Do my stretches at the start
Single arm raises with 35 pounds on both arms. 5 times out to my side, than 5 times infront of me. 2 sets each
Bench press 185 pounds (started at a light 65 cuz i don’t have a bench… less safe) 10-15 reps.
Barbell curl 100 pounds 10 times 3 sets.
squat 120 pounds (just started so it’s light) 10 times 3 sets.
Wrist curl 70 pounds 20 times each arm, 3 sets.
Vertical push up (upside down against a wall) 30-40 times (or as much as possible)
Bumbbell curl 55 pounds 6-10 times each arm, 2 sets
Deadlifts 190 pounds (barbell won’t fit anymore weight atm) 6-10 times 3 sets
Lawn moyer curls, 70 pounds, 10 times each arm, 3 sets.

I also hit my punching bag for as long as possible after this work out.

During my days of resting i try to make it a point to go running (usually 2-4 times a week).

As for my diet i previously ate shit food all the time, now i’m very conscious of everything i put in myself, plus i’ve been starting to eat a lot more lately, as well as adding whey drinks to my diet.

So basically what i’m looking for in all of this are people’s opinions on what i can to improve muscle mass, and weight gain. I’ve been a skinny guy all my life so this has been a battle but any opinions will help. Be harsh if you want to, as long as it’s constructive criticism =)

Thank you for your time.


P.S. Below you’ll find my before and after pictures. My “before” picture was actually 3 months into working out, after all the core/cardio stuff.

Well apparently the pictures go above my posts, but you get the point haha. Thanks again for your time.

Eat. More.


Your routine sucks, look for a better one.

I think you look like you have added some lean mass. As another skinny who has put on some size and is looking for more, I totally relate to your goals. It is tough stuff and I just wanted to say congratulations on your progress so far and good luck with your goals!

As far as your routine goes, it definitely sucks. Have you read some of the articles on this site? I’d say go with a push/pull/legs split or an upper/lower four times a week, focusing on the big compound movements and lifting between 6-12 rep range (lower reps on the big moves, higher on isolation stuff). Definitely drop the running for now though; that won’t help you out much. You can do some cardio, but steady state running everyday surely will not help you gain mass. Look into HIIT or GPP work on your off days.

[quote]SSC wrote:
Eat. More.



You don’t need to fine tune fuckall.

Eat lots. Lift heavy. Sleep.

You’ve made progress and I applaud your efforts. But let’s be honest. You’re on a bodybuilding site and want to start to cut weight at 155 lbs. You’re not going to get many positive responses.

I suggest you go to the beginners section and read many articles here. Pick one of the mass building routines. You seem to enjoy total body stuff, so you might want to search for Waterbury material.

RSGZ is right, though. You don’t need to fine tune. You’re benching more than you squat and as much as you deadlift. Not good at all. These are the two lifts you must get up. Frankly, your routine is crap. Why are you curling so much more than squatting/deadlifting/benching?

Again, good progress. You may disregard what the older trainers here have to say because you think that what you’ve been doing has worked. However, that’s primarily due to newbie gains and several here would not think that your routine has done you justice. So ignore them at your own risk.


P.s. i’m not curling more than i deadlift/squat/bench… infact it’s almost 100 pounds less than my deadlift and bench.
And The reason why my squats are so low at the moment is because i have just implemented them into my work out routine. I know i should have concentrated more on my legs sooner, but i’m still learning lol.

I think you’ve made some very quality progress.

Just remember that as you gain lean mass, you HAVE TO increase your calorie level to both support that gain AND to promote (allow) further growth.

For instance, if you ate 3,000 calories to get to a certain level, you must then add calories to grow to the next, bigger level. And when 3,400 (or whatever) calories allows you to grow to the next level, that 3,400 will soon be your new maintainance level, and so on.

See what I mean?

BTW, no fine-tuning just yet (or ever?). Just focus on adding mass, you’ll be surprised how little “fine-tuning” will ever be needed.

If you add serious mass, the fine-tuning will take care of itself.

Yah i think i get what you mean man. I read an article that had a quote, earlier today that said something like The amount of mass on your body is the direct representative of the cap on your strength. Something along those lines.

So basically what you mean is i have to keep gaining extra mass (through calories and protein and stuff, aka eating a lot) so than the workouts i’m doing (and will eventually do) will have room to add the muscle, it currently has no room to gain now?

Yah i gotcha, i see a lot of really big/ripped body builders and even though you can tell they eat A LOT, they to no extent look like they’ve eaten too much for their body. Thanks that clears up a lot of the finer details for me.

Glad to see you’re on the right path man, keep it up.

Remember, forget the small things - they don’t mean as much in the big picture.

Thanks for your support : )
And now that i know squats help put on weight, i now know why i’ve been eating so much lately lol. Good to know i’m doing SOMETHING right :slight_smile: