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Need Feedback on this Preworkout? Is it Safe?

Been taking this from my local nutrition shop. It has been giving me some insane energy, but im not all too knowledgable on some of the ingredients. Anyone with more expertise familiar with ay of these? is this sustainable or safe to take long term?

The pre workout is called “Super bioFreak”

It’s 350 mg. of caffeine.

The rest is basically junk.

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How much is it? The name itself should make the alarms ring.

Citrulline malate will give you more pump, caffeine more energy - but the rest is more questionable in terms of DIRECT effects.

I recommend you try citrulline malate on it’s own. Probably cheaper, and you will notice a somewhat better pump.

400mg, actually. Yeesh. Not sure why the very bottom “Caution” line was edited off the label.

I also think it’s hysterical they wanted to make certain “ZERO CREATINE” featured prominently on the label. “Hey guys, just so you know, we made sure not to add even the teeniest amount of the single most thoroughly researched and consistently effective sports supplement of all-time. Now in Pina Colada flavor!”

To repeat what Skyz said, it’s a stereotypical kitchen sink formula, loaded with unnecessary ingredients at token dosages wrapped around one or two actually useful ingredients. Absolutely not worth it.