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Need Feedback on This Music Mix


So i just moved down here to SoCal from NorCal and i was DJing back there and im trying to find new venues to play at I got a Mix ready that I am about to send out I was wondering if I could get some Feedback from the Folkss here at T-Nation. The music is House/Trance/Progressive, thanks for listening :slight_smile: . Also this mix isn't really ment for a club its more just showing casing some songs.


Fixed, I replaced it with a 320kb mp3 file.


Why not convert it to 320 mp3? That way every one can open your file and listen to it. I am a producer and dj for 10 years. Stick with the standards cause nobody is going to go out of there way to listen to your sets/track if they have to install more software in order to do it.


very true

sorry OP I clicked on the link and was like fuccckkkk thizzzz

so yea man make so everyone can check it instantly and I'll gald to give you thoughts on it bc I love trace


Yeah good point is just i never sent a demo before back in NorCal i knew people so I was able to get gigs and never had to send out a Demo i figured smaller is better in this case.


Okay i replaced it with a 320kb mp3 file. If a tracklist is wanted just ask and ill post it.


wow dude, this is flamin I love it


hey man I like it


for the second song you mixed, it doesnt flow with the second one at all, i listend to the overlap a few times and each one was just as irritating

like i was lulled into the "now we're alone" then the obnoxious second track came in

track three would totally fit better where track two is

other than track 2 this is a Fierce job! I'd suggest you getting rid of it altogether because it doesnt fit

I love this mix man, it truly epitomizes trance music I was definitely dazed whle listenung to it. you make me wanna go DL some DJ softwae right now lol


Well Glad you liked it wasn't my best mixing i was trying some new things with songs probably isn't the best when sending in a Demo :stuck_out_tongue: . Ill do a little dabbling here in a few days might have a new one uploaded.