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Need Feedback on Program


I've been reading a lot of CW literature lately and I decided to finish my cut doing a TBT program. The parameters I'm following are in the set and rep bible for fat loss which is 24-36 reps per body part and 2-3 times a week.I'm also throwing in some principles from Muscle revolution such as set progression and rest progression.

Day 1:
DL 8x3 @5rm
Decline bench 8x3 @5rm
Pull up 4x3 @5rm
Chin up 4x3 @5rm
Standing military 8x3 @5rm
BB curl 8x3 @5rm
Skull Crushers 8x3 @5rm
60s rest

Day 2:
Cardio 20min

Day 3:
Front Squat 5x5 @7rm
Incline Db bench 5x5 @7rm
B.O. row pronated grip 5x5 @7rm
Standing Db military 5x5 @7rm
Db Curl 5x5 @7rm
Triceps ext 5x5 @7rm
65s rest

Day 4:
Cardio 20min

Day 5:
Leg press 3x8 @10rm
Flat bench 3x8 @ 10rm
Supenated grip lat pull down 3x8 @10rm
Standing Military 3x8 @10rm
Reverse curl 3x8 @10rm
Lying Triceps ext 3x8 @10rm
70s rest

Day 6:
Cardio 20 min

Day 7:

The following two weeks I will add one set to all the lifting days.
Any help is appreciated!


How is your cut going? Have you stalled or something? If you are still progressing in the right direction why switch things at all?

Also, Idk about the weights. There is no way in hell I could do my true 10RM for 3 sets of 8 with only 70s rest. Unless he's talking about 10RM in the context of quality reps only.


You probably missed it in your other post, but to make sure



That is the best split I have EVER SEEN!!!


Sorry I did actually. I didn't think people would help unless I said please as most other threads had please in the title. Thanks for the help though.



edit: just read the thread of course it is.


Haha, sorry man, trolling a little bit earlier apparently.

You're not going to get good feedback about TBT training on the bodybuilding forums, and that's just that. If your goal is bodybuilding (which, er...) you should probably not do this, immediately.


its no big deal man, im just trying to keep an open mind to all possibilities. Does training even really have to be altered for cutting? besides adding in a bit of cardio.


Bro science will tell you that going lighter with more reps is beneficial during a cut, but most studies (and real life instances) indicate that people do better lifting just as heavy as when they're gaining. Obviously, this might be a little different if you're 2 weeks out and going for a 700 lb deadlift or something, haha.

If I make ANY changes to my training when cutting, I'll bust my ass to make sure I can keep rest times down... a little bit. Hardly even worth noting.


I've rarely ever seen or heard someone say to lift lighter weights with more reps on a cut. Last time I came across that was in March when another Tnation reader said he was cutting so he was going for light weights and more reps to cut the muscle and "burn more calories" he was also on prohormones. he had a bachelor of arts in bro science.


People tend to rip on TBT around here; however, I am sure most who do so have never tried it (and if they have not for long enough to assess its effectiveness). It is a way. It's not the only way. Not the best way. But a way. I've successfully cut down and put on mass using TBT. I'm doing a 6 day split now, but don't regret using TBT for the time that I did. The stronger you get, the less optimal it becomes, which is why I transitioned out.

There's nothing wrong with your program if you put in the effort and eat the part.


I did one day of it and i stopped. it was awkward it felt like I wasn't lifting heavy enough. I just came off of star complex so it just didnt sit right with me. thanks for the feedback I'm doing a 6 day split but I might go back to a three or four day split because I want to train for strength as well as size. And i enjoy doing full body oriented programs occasionally.