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Need Feedback On My Squat Form

Hi everyone, I am just starting SS and would like some feedback on my squat form. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!13

You’re not going deep enough

@Yogi1 Thanks for the reply . So like 2 or 3 inches more?

Bet you’re glad you’re the one saying that this time :stuck_out_tongue:


Instead squatting with a dowel to learn form, I’d suggest that you learn squat form with the goblet squat instead.

how do you know I’m not the one saying it normally?


Ok and besides the depth does everything else look ok? ( back angle, elbows back, etc)

hip joint below the knee. Doesn’t have to be much lower, but should go to at least parallel

IMO back angle is a product of your relative limb lengths/body anthropometry and how you set up and execute your squat e.g. olympic high bar vs SS low bar squats. So you back angle is what you get after all these things not something you choose.

You can tweak technique to change your back angle tho (not so much get limb lengthening/shortening surgery). Still IMO forcing a back angle will at best result in a weaker squat (if you are a powerlifter/train for strength) and at worst will increase risk of injury.

If you’re all about that SS stuff and Ripptoe’s “Hip Draaahve” fair enough but know that there are many ways to squat effectively and I wouldn’t take the style that SS teaches as gospel

@khangles im not all about ss, but since i want to focus on strength it seemed like a good place to start. When u say other ways to squat effectively do u mean like high bar, or front squat?

Not exactly. Meant that there are different styles of back squat with which people move a lot of weight and get strong as fuck from equipped squats without the suit looking squats i.e. supa wide stance, maximally upright torso oly high bar squats, low bar position high bar, proper powerlifting low bar and everything in between.

Maybe more importantly is that same as there’s lots of variations in squatting style there’s also lots of variation in the technique and the “little things” that go into each style e.g. stance width, toe angle, elbow position, wrist position etc.

Pretty much you try out things, keep what works for you and tweak what doesn’t until you end up with some sexy squat form. Whether you want to start with a certain style and build upon it or put together your own squat and identify it with a certain style later doesn’t matter.

Try not to take squat cues/attributes as gospel or absolutes. e.g. elbows up is a cue for back tightness and creating a shelf for the bar to sit securely on which for some works very well whereas for others cause shoulder, elbow and wrist issues in which case maybe elbows close or elbows down would be more effectively. Same result different approaches but if you’re in the latter group then sticking with elbows up will get you nowhere.

So get a nice variety of sources to learn from e.g. these forums but also there’s so many YouTube vids around teaching the squat slightly differently.

@khangles thanks for the in-depth reply. Pretty much confirming what I thought originally, but after reading a bunch of articles you kinda get lost in it all… thanks again

Easy enough to get overwhelmed with one article or video. Just take one cue/tip/anything at a time, apply it, try it out as long as you need. If it works keep it or if nah discard it and move on to the next. Lot of info at once will have your head spinning