Need Feedback on My Recent Labs

I switched about 2 months ago from SubQ to IM in the shoulder. I was motivated to do that at the time based on I was having high estrogen side effects. I was doing .3 E3D for SQ and switched to .2 (200 mg/ml) for IM.

Fast forward to today. I have liked the results. Not as moody, hard nipples not an issue, and I feel I have a libido now too, sometimes too much. LOL.

Anyways, I did some lab work out of curiosity and I can’t believe how high some of my numbers are and because my HGB/HCT is elevated, my doc is recommending I donate blood once a quarter.

TT of 1100 and a FT of 25 seems off. Do you have an SHBG reading?

Be careful as donating blood too often can lead to suppressed ferritin levels in some individuals.

25? I don’t see 25 and no I don’t think I have

We usually look at FT as ng/dl, not pg/ml, so your converts to 25.8. Its good but at your TT I would think it would be over 30 which is the top of the range.

I think the risk of suppressed ferritin levels, due to donating too much, is overstated.

I’d never worry about it until after the first time it manifested. A lot of people donate regularly with no issues.