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Need Feedback on my Physique

Hey guys, heres some photos of my physique. Any feedback on weak areas would be greatly appricieated :slight_smile:

What is your weight and height?

Delts look undersized in the first several pictures, especially the picture on the upper right. Larger delts would do alot to enhance your physique. It also looks from some of the pictures, not necessarily all of them, that your chest is lagging a bit, but hard to tell. Aside from that, things look mostly balanced. It would be hard for me to critique further without knowing what your goals are.

Just curious, what does it matter what his weight and height are? These are pictures in the rate my physique category, that means he’s just looking for commentary on the way he LOOKS. He could be 200 pounds at 5’3, or 160 at 6’7, the pictures are what they are.