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Need Feedback on My Nutrition Plan

Hi everyone,

I am new to this. I have been training hard 4-5 days lifting for about 3 months now. I have always been an active person (runner) only recently I starting lifting. I hope to be able to do a show next april / May. I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on my nutrition.

Curretnly, I am eating six small meals a day (which include 3 Dymatize Whey protien shakes) I would like to slim down and gain muscle at the same time, but lately I have no desire to run. I use to love love love it, but I’m burned out!! I am addicted to weights now.

Can you please give me any suggestions you may have? Does anyone take kre-acalyne?

146 lbs
19% body fat

Cal Protein Carbs Fat Sodium Fiber Sugar
1017 143 64 22 1325 11 26

Thank you!!!

What kind of show do you plan for next spring? Auto show?

What you need to do is combine your six small meals into two or three and add two or three more meals. A protein shake does not count as a meal unless you also have 4-6 ounces of chicken or tuna and a salad or some veggies with it.

I count your cals at 1233 of which 58% is protein, 26% is carbs, and 16% is fat. I crap bigger than that. First of all, unless you hope to be a supermodel, that ain’t much eating. I would suggest reading the stickies at the top of the beginners section to help figure out your goals and make sure that they are realistic. Beyond that, eat more than you are, try to increase your fats to 25-30%, try a 2500 cal program.

Good Luck.