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Need Feedback On My New Routine

My old routine has gotten stale so with the help from a PT I’ve come up with this, I’m wanting to incorporate squats so I’m doing them twice a week to help build the pattern in my mind as I’m terrible and lockup as I’m going into the Squat so I’m working on it :slight_smile: so what do you think of my new routine does it look ok?

P.s - I’m working out at home so im kind limited with equipment choice but my next purchase is a sissy Squat machine

Warmup Routine
25 Dislocations
25 Pullaparts
50(25 each side) Lat Pulldown (22kg)
3x30s Deep Squat Hold
25 BW squats
25 Gunslingers
15 Kettlebell Swings

Monday - Full Body 1 (Put Plate Under Feet For Squats) (for squats set up, and brace and hold breath each rep)(put suspension straps on Barbell for squats)
Warmup - See Routine

3x5 Back Squats (strength focus)
3x5 Military Press
30 Chinups

100 Shrugs ( incr after 1 set)
2x20 Barbell Curls ( )

Cooldown - 25 Dislocations - 25 Pullaparts - Foam Roll&Stretch

Wednesday - FullBody 2 (Put Plate Under Feet For Squats)(for squats set up, and brace and hold breath each rep)(put suspension straps on Barbell for squats)
Warmup - See Routine

3x10 Dorian Deadlift
3x5 Bench Press
3x10 Yates Rows

100 Crunches
2x20 Hammer Curls

Cooldown - 25 Dislocations - 25 Pullaparts - Foam Roll&Stretch

Friday - FullBody 3 (Put Plate Under Feet For Squats)(for squats set up, and brace and hold breath each rep)(put suspension straps on Barbell for squats)
Warmup - See Routine

3x10 Back Squats (hypertrophy focus)
3x10 Incline Weighted Pushups
3x10 Kroc Rows

100 Rear Delt Flyes
2x20 Concentration Curls

Cooldown - 25 Dislocations - 25 Pullaparts - Foam Roll&Stretch

It’s the best that we could come up with as it’s a push pull leg each workout so needing to know if it’s good for a home workout


What are your goals?

Where are you now in relation to those goals?

What equipment do you have?


Like squatting with reverse bands?

Yeah what you posted can work. I would recommend doing Deads for lower reps like 5x5 and swap curls work one day a week for a tricep move like band pressdowns 5x20

As long as you are pushing yourself and increasing the resistance over time, any of it will work.

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of all the pieces of equipment I could possibly buy for a home gym, this would probably be below literally 50 other things.

There are a lot of questionable aspects of this program, and several things you’ve included stand out as being very arbitrarily added, but at least there’s a focus on some basic movement patterns. As a beginner, this will make you stronger.

HOWEVER: there is no progression model here. There’s no real variation. You’ll probably be fine doing this for a couple months, but you will stall quickly. I assume you just plan to ‘add weight to the bar’ every week, correct?

Run this program, you wrote it, enjoy it. But next time, run a more established program that includes a progression model, such as 5/3/1.


Agree with @flipcollar…no progression. It’s not a training program, it’s a list of lifts.

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Need your guys advice I’ve come up with this after researching online for a 2:1 push pull for a PPL program.

I’ve taken advice from my old routine post not too long ago and I took the criticism and comments on board and the below is what I have for my home training

is this balanced in the 2:1 ratio? I’ll be using bands for Facepulls - I hope it’s all good and structured as I’m wanting to start it Monday

I also train at home with the basic essentials

Train 3x week due to work schedule

Goal - gain strength and mass - eating surplus of 700cal over maintenance until I reach 19 stone (current-17.10stone)

working sets are the same weight apart from warmup sets

I’ll be using 75-80% of 1rm unless it’s too light

Be increasing weight periodically by 2.5kg each week

Be aiming to stick to it until I stop seeing results but I’ll be adjusting as I go along

Aim to stretch 5x a week to improve my squats and Mobility

Monday - Pull
Warmup *Joe defranco Mobility drill

2x10,8//5x5 Deadlift ( / // )
5x5 Neutral Pullups
5x5 Yates Rows ( )

Cooldown - 25 Disclocations - 25 Pullaparts - 50 Rear Delt Flyes (7kg) -Foam Roll & Stretch

Wednesday - Push
Warmup *Joe defranco Mobility drill

2x10,8//5x5 Bench Press ( / // )
2x10,8//3x5 Military Press ( / // )
AMRAP Incline Pushups

Cooldown - 25 Disclocations - 25 Pullaparts - 50 Facepulls -Foam Roll & Stretch

Friday - Legs
Warmup *Joe defranco Mobility drill

2x10,8//5x5 Back Squats ( / // )
2x15,12//4x10 SLDL ( / // )
3x5 Front Squats ( )

Cooldown - 25 Disclocations - 25 Pullaparts - 50 Rear Delt Flyes (7kg) -Foam Roll & Stretch

Pull - 211 reps
Push - 96 reps
Leg - 105 reps

It is a solid routine for strength and size.
Can you psychologically handle a routine that doesn’t have direct arm work or do you you think you should plan to do some?

Yeah I can handle no direct Arm work, my arms and shoulder dont respond to direct work lol, but thanks man I appreciate the feedback

There’s still no progression model here. I don’t think you understand what that means. Just saying ‘I’m going to make progress’ doesn’t mean you’ve programmed appropriately for it. But that’s what you’ve done here. You said ‘I’m going to add X weight to the bar every week’… until what? Forever?

I progression model involves variation of set, rep, and rest schemes. If you do the same thing every week, then you will stall, and you will stall quickly.

Why are you so insistent on writing your own program anyway? You have a barbell, you have a rack, you have a bench, you have a pull up bar, you have dumbbells. Why can’t you just pick a program that has already been written that has been proven effective? Have you looked at 5/3/1? That’s the program I suggest, you have everything you need for it.


That like 270lbs! …How tall are you buddy?

I still recommend some direct tricep work even just for performance -will help your bench numbers/pressing go up in the long term.

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Figured out my problem paralysis by analysis.

Going to keep it simple on my PPL
3x8-12 per exercise
2x12-20 Isolation exercise
Aim for 6 days a week

Vertical Push
Horizontal Push
Tricep iso

Vertical pull
Horizontal pull
Bicep iso

Quad dominant
Hip/hamstring dominant

Doing a 500cal daily surplus to aim to gain 1lb a week Clean bulk and yoga twice a week

Gunna better myself by concentrating on what I can do and how to fix my self

The template is based on the classic Push pull leg article from oldschooltrainer

So are all bases covered and solid?


Immediately posts on online forum for analysis.


Didn’t want to be the first to point this out, but yeah, that.


Any specific reason as a beginner that you can’t use any of the dozens canned
programs floating around?


because he doesn’t know how to listen. He wants to post the things that pop into his house, hoping for affirmation from internet strangers, and ignoring all advice and criticism.


Or maybe it’s because I’m limited to what I can do due to injuries and chronic pain syndrome, and a large majority of exercises hurt like hell. Also when the same workout is repeated in the same week which requires an increase in weight each time, my dyslexia goes haywire as things arnt linear, so I come up with these simple programmes, to work around my injuries (which I’m getting dealt with by the doctor) and also so I dont have a meltdown.

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you dont need to do this, even as a beginner

prob not best (or necessary) to jump into a 6 day split then. Or race to 270lbs. Once more, how tall are you - u have a very big frame?

Look up the Paul Carter PPL article and do like 4 or 5 day version. Or just one day on, one off etc