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Need Feedback on My Cycle Plan


I’m planning a 14 week cycle. This will be my fourth. I am currently on trt of 220mg/wk. 42 yrs old 225 and like powerlifting.
Cycle looks like this:
Dbol Monday thru Friday for weeks 1-6,
20mg/d week 1, 30mg/d weeks 2 and 3. 40mg/d weelse 4 thru 6.
Megabolic by eurochem weeks 5 thru 14 at 240mg 2/weekly. This blend consist of 80mg test a, 80mg tren a, and 80mg masteron p.
On cycle therapy of 25mg /d of proviron. And have arimidex and nolvadex on hand.
Should I add some test c to the mix once a week in addition to the trt? I guess my fear is crashing hard after the megabolic is stopped and my theory is that some additional test c would help me ease back into my trt range.
Feed back is much appreciate.


So if I’m reading this right you’ll be on 380mg/wk of test between the TRT and test A x2/wk, in weeks 5-14.

I think what I would do once you drop the eurochem is use the test c to taper back down from 380mg/wk to your regular TRT dose of 220mg/wk, as opposed to going straight from 380 to 220 in one week.


Thanks for the response.
So do u think adding in the test c a couple weeks before the end of the cycle to give it time to take effect is good?
Does the amount of test for the rest of the cycle seem good?
What about thoughts on the on cycle therapy. Sorry. I’m being a bit cautious cause I know tren can be harsh.


If it was me, I would use the test c a few days after your last dose of eurochem, since the Ace you were taking is a short ester. From there I would take the Test to around 375 mg/wk, and start tapering back down to 220.


First: Arimidex should not be ‘on hand’. It should be used from day 1. You’re foolish to wait for symptoms to appear before using it. If you wait that long, you’ve fucked up. I can’t believe you would actually consider running the cycle as written without running Adex from the start. The dbol alone requires an AI to be used.

The megabolic should be dosed daily, or AT LEAST every other day. Twice a week is not enough. You’re going to have serious ups and downs with your plan as you’ve written it. The side effects will likely be tremendous. Pin every day.

I see no reason to taper back to your TRT dose. Going from a 380 dose to 220 in 1 week is not a big drop at all. When I go from a blast to a cruise, I drop from 1000-1500mg/week of gear down to 250 immediately. As long as you continue to dose your adex properly, this won’t be a problem.

I don’t see a good reason to taper the d bol up either. I would just run 40mg/day from the start, particularly if you’ve run d bol before and know how you respond to it.


Good info. That’s why I’may putting it out there. I’m a novice and there’s conflicting info all over. So proviron is not sufficient as an ai. Do u see a place for it in this cycle?


One more question flipcollar…do u see a need for additonal pct other than the trt. I see a lot of people say no but I’m skeptical. If for no other reason than I don’t want my balls to turn to raisins as they almost did after my last cycle of a test blend and deca.


Bumping for interest

I would also like to know if people on TRT do any additional PCT work??
I would think not so much, considering the purpose of PCT is to primarily regain natural test function and also other blood levels back to normality, but maybe other things need addressing like liver etc…

Any TRT guys have any insight?


There would be no reason to use a SERM PCT when on TRT and if you did it wouldn’t actually do anything in the presence of exogenous T.

Does your TRT protocol include HCG? It should do and this would address the issue of your balls shrinking both on and off cycle. If you do not have any issues with balls shrinking on TRT and do not wish to protect fertility then you might just want to use HCG during a blast.

Also with a TRT protocol of 220mg/week you will almost certainly have estrogen levels that are well above a desirable level and might want to consider using an AI as part of the TRT if you are not already doing so.

As flipcollar mentioned the arimidex dosing is important.


I get high about every three months but they don’t administer because of blood work results. It’s more like a I say hey…what about some of that high?? Maybe I need to supplement with some on my own.
My estrogen levels have been fine according to their standards. I probably need to get a copy of the blood work and see for myself.
The negative effects I’ve had on cycle is elevated liver counts but not that high and they came back down pretty quick. And a bit of high blood pressure.

Thanks again everyone for your input


I get hcg…not high. Fucking autocorrect correct. Lol


If you are monitoring estrogen then that’s great you can just adjust the adex based on the results.

Blood pressure and liver values would be expected to increase when using orals and you are monitoring this and all returns to normal.

Have you thought much about HCG? Do you want to try and preserve fertility or is that a non issue?

As above if you want to prevent the shrinkage during cycle add in the HCG


Fertility is a non issue. How much hcg is normal to run on cycle? I need to research hcg a bit more. I figured that it was part of the trt so didn’t give it much thought.
Is it safe to run for extended periods of tine?


HCG is really only important/useful if you’re trying to preserve fertility. I have never used it and don’t intend to.

Many TRT patients ARE interested in fertility, so that’s why you commonly see it in TRT protocols.

And no, you do not run any PCT if you are ‘blasting and cruising’ as you are. PCT is only done to recover normal HTPA function. This is not something that can be done while continuing to inject testosterone.