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Need Feed Back??


hey guys now i'm going to get flamed for some of this
real quick here is some stats:

me: 20 years old, 5'9 200lbs i've been lifting hard since i was 15 till now, played rugby all the way through Highschool along with running track and field and still am playing rugby in college. always try'd a lot different supps most of what you can find in a GNC always liked ( jack3d by usplabs )

my buddy: 20years old, 5'8 170 lbs 4 year of cross country & kinesthetic, never got big into lifting till this past year.

now i'm at the point that i want to try something better then most of average supplements you can buy on the market now days or at your local GNC my buddys in the same boat. i came across d-bol when i was doing some research on the internet. now i came here to get some insight on this stuff, i know i'm going to get a lot of "wait till your a few years older " theres a very good logic behind that also or i'm going to get the other stuff like "eat more, train more, and lift more" theres very good points behind that also. i'm more trying to find something thats harder (Dbol) then the most average supplements. Now i would most like get some good feed back on this, but now we've all been here before at one time or other.


You need to do alot more research than just finding dbol(which is an anobolic steroid not a suplement) on the iternet. this site is used as a forum for people to learn more and discuss steroid. However no one will take you seriously until you have a firm grasp of the basics. I found a site that had a huge amount of info for a beginner to learn from such things as steroid uses, effects, side effects, dosages, cycles and last but not least PCT. hope this helps


You didn't do research, you probably googled "steroids"

Trying to "find something" makes it sound like you want to buy shit from us. That IS NOT what this is for. This forum is to learn. You should start by reading all of the stickies first, then using the search function to find the desired information. Then return here and start a thread with narrow, specific questions to clarify things you do not understand.


to both loyalty101 & bigSkwatta i didn't really do much research untill i started looking more around on these types of steroids. now i did word somethings wrong when i posted on here, i did know that dbol was not a supps but a anobolic steroid. also i understand about how no one will take me seriously untill i get a basic understanding on whats going in.

i wasn't trying to make it seem like i wanted to buy the stuff from ( you guys) and thats really what i want to do is learn.
thanks for not chewing me out to hard haha, but ya i will do my research and come back and do my talking then, thanks for the help guys.