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Need expert opinions here!

I need you to have a look at the following and tell me of any potential problems that may arise from this. If you don’t think there will be any problems, post anyway, just so i receive both negative and positive feedback and get a clear picture.

6:00AM Wake up
6:05AM Breakfast shake (cal/prot/carb/fat: 376/55/4/16)
6:10AM Shower
6:20AM Lift (20 min, 5 min break, 20 min)
7:05AM Post-workout shake (cal/prot/carb/fat: 225/22/30/1.5

There are several things here that bother me. First off, is the breakfast shake itself nutritious enough? Is the timing between the breakfast and the workout any good? Is the timing between waking up and working out any good? Absolutely all ideas and suggestions are welcome, let’s hear it!

P.S. The morning shake has no carbs because i’m on T-Dawg.

Wake up at five, drink your drink, then go lift at six. You need more time to wake up and get focused. Go to bed earlier if you have to. And for the rest of the world, please shower AFTER you train, not before.

I shower before and after. How can you lift in the mornings before showering before hand? You’re not even awake!

I don’t see anything terribly wrong with your routine. Normally I’d say have a solid food breakfast, but if your lifting that close to your breakfast, a shake is probably better. (I unfortunately have to travel an hour to get there, so a shake isn’t enough).

The only thing I’d say is personally I wouldn’t have enough time to focus between wakeup time and lifting with only 20 mins. Hell it takes me 40 mins to eat breakfast. But if you can honestly say that your focused and giving it your all, then do what works.

I too am very interested in this because this is essentially the routine that I have to move to in the near future.

Although, the 20 minutes between waking and actually lifting is a little short. For one thing, it takes at least 10 minutes to “scratch and adjust” first thing :smiley:

Berardi suggests eating two hours before starting your training, but that would be 4’ish, in the AM, as in PRE-DAWN. I don’t think so. I could go to bed at noon the day prior and my ass still won’t get out of bed at 4. It just aint natural, for me anyway. And don’t give me any crap about motivation.

I will start this routine next week with my new shift and will let you know any tweaks that I have had to do.