Need Expert Help With Diet

So I�??ve been on a strict cutting diet for about a month due to sports reasons. I�??ve lost about 20-25 lbs of something during that time period, mostly fat albeit some muscle, too. Recently, as in the last 4 or 5 days, I haven�??t lost any more weight. I�??m wondering if this is due to my timing. I�??m fairly familiar with calorie counting and things like that, but I don�??t really know too much about timing.

I�??m going to post up my diet along with my work out times and class times so that you all can help me evaluate what I�??m doing.
I�??ll also post my average totals at the end.

7am: wake up
½ cup oatmeal
1 cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries
2 O3 Eggs
2 Turkey Sausage

Class: 815-1040

Approximately 11:15:
4-6 oz chicken or Flounder and Salmon Fillet
1 cup yams
1 cup mixed veggies

Approximately 1400

Approximately 1600
2 scoop protein shake mixed with water (40g protein)
1 Orange

Rugby Practice

Approximately 2100
4-6 oz chicken or Flounder and Salmon
1 cup Yams
1 cup mixed veggies

4 O3 eggs

Tuesday/Thursday I have class from 950-1140 and then again from 1330-1510. You can imagine my eating schedule around these days pretty easily, I hope.

Fats: 56
Proteins: 167
Carbs: 206

1)Amount of protein. I can�??t seem to add enough protein without adding too many calories. I want to stay near 2000 calories for fat loss purposes, but I need the extra protein. Ideas?

2)Timing. I know that I need carbs in my afternoons because of my extensive physical activities, but I need some carbs in the morning to give me energy. I can�??t add any more carbs in the afternoon with out going over my 2k cal limit. What should I do?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.

2000 calories seems pretty low for a day when you workout and have rugby practice. Specially for a guy weighing 190lbs.

Try zigzaging calories, 2500 one day and 1500 the next. This sometimes can help but I agree with beaul, you probably need to eat more to lose more. Your body may been refraining from dropping any weight as it feels like its in starvation mode.