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Need Experienced Training Help

For about two years now I have being majorly stuck. Ive given myself longterm shoulder pain (improper training presumably) that me nor the advice of proffesional’s have managed to correct. bottom line is i could do with some proper traning and nutrition advice to get me heading in the right direction please. i have chosen to do bodyweight training since it is milder on the joints. Im at about 14/15% bf at guess… should i bulk… loose fat then bulk… try and loose fat gain muscle. I will post a picture to show you my current physical condition. Many thanks.

p.s i already know the basics of nutrition such as macros… calorie intake based on goals etc.

just as an example… this is my ideal goal in terms of what i want to aesthetically. not too big at all… just natural. apparently this was achieved using lean gains in three months!!. I would expect this to take at least a year for myself!

Your name and tattoos looked familiar, so I looked through your post history and you’ve asked a few different varieties of this question before and always got solid advice. Is there anything specifically that you’d like clarified?

haha you have a good memory then. Well I dont seem to be reaping the results from my work as you can see. i have remained consistent but it has generally resulted in burnout and injuries and no results… despite following advice on the forums and other training and nutrition info. i am now trying to revaluate what im doing and where iam going wrong. so just to clarify what road would you recommend i take based on my goals… i.e bulk… loose somemore fat first and so on… hope iam not being to vague… thanks

i realise im not going to have my hand held… its just that my efforts dont seem to translate into results… its extremely frustrating.

Just a guess, but that suggests perhaps you did too much work without enough recovery; and that could mean you don’t know as much about nutrition as you think.

What have you been doing, and how have you been eating?

A number of years back i couldn’t go near a barbell bench. I used a lot of pushups with plates in a backpack - really - and lots of dumbell bench presses. Then the overhead press became very popular again - it was at that time considered evil on your shoulders - and i started using them. Now i bench press without any pain, most of the time. And overhead press is my favorite lift!

Upper back work helped a lot too. Face pulls, rear delt raises and seated DB powercleans where my go to.

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yes its crossed my mind… partly why i have decided to cross over to working out at home as well… to reduce the stress of travelling to the gym by bus two hours three times per week. stress impedes recovery. im sure i have a lot to learn yes. i have being eating about 500 calories above maintenance at least one g of protein per pound of bodyweight and then 25 percent fats and fifty percent carbs whilst following different programmes like low rep high weight for strength and then a higher rep programme to mix it up and give my joints a rest.

thanks… i think the bodyweight training for a while will help to build some good joint strength before i think about training with weights again.

I’m not so experienced but I’ll still give my thought on the subject

Both your problems programming related.As Matt Wenning said ‘‘It’s not what you do,it’s what you can recover from’’

So let’s say you were to design a program for yourself right now.How would it look like?
1.Would you balance all the pushing you do with pulling movements?
2.Would you program in weeks where you take it easier or just wait until you started feeling like shit?


christ knows… looks like ill just have to keep trying to find what works myself. thanks for the advice

Why not try 531 with the bodyweight assistance template? Or even just the bodyweight assistance template on its own?

It’d help to see exactly how you’re training and eating.


thanks markko… i will take a look. like i say food wise im eating mainly healty fats and complex carbs and protein with a little junk. thats all broke down into a 50/25/25 macros at 500 above maintenance. another thing is that i have never… nor is it practical to eat regular small meals because of my job. i eat about 4 large meals a day

That sounds about OK. So how have you been training?

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How much weight have you gained in the past month?

in all honesty not alot in the last couple of weeks… bad i know but im finding a little difficult to do bodyweight training without certain peices of kit. my plan is to start getting some gear together when i get paid such as a pull up/dipping station and an olympic bar with plates and a bench. until then its just basics to keep fit.

i am just trying to lose a little fat at the moment until i have some proper gear to train. i would like to start nice and lean before i get around to trying to bulk again.

Why are you eating above maintenance if your goal is to lose fat?

i was outlining my approach when i was trying to gain some muscle last time.