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Need Exercise Advice

Hello! Pease, give an advice how I can get fit? What kind of exercises should I do?

Establish what you want to achieve and go from there.


If you can describe your goals, experiences, circumstances in more detail, you might get helpful advice you’re looking for.


What these guys said.


  • Eat lean meat, veg and some fruit.
  • drink water
  • Get out of breathe a few times a week
  • Pick up heavy stuff a few times a week.
  • Sleep appropriately.

Repeat for as long as it takes


Thank you for your advice! I will follow to it!:slight_smile:

Read pretty much any 5+ articles(ideally full articles not just 'tips) on the TNation part of the site, especially a couple by Dan John.

From the avatar presume u a feeemale? This a good start for training plan…