Need Everyone's Opinion Here!!

Hey fellow T-Men/T-Vixens I need to know what college/University you all believe to be the best for Exercise Science AKA I am trying to be a Strength Coach need a degree. I already have a degree but in something else I want to learn more so I am going back to school. I would like everyones input.
Peace Phat O

Phat: I am sure that there are smaller schools with excellent programs, but almost ALL NCAA Division 1 Schools have excellent programs. It appears that the most often mentioned program, and the one the most international recognition, is Penn State. (Note: I never have had, and currently have no affiliation whatsoever with Penn State. However, I would like to know what a “Nittany” Lion is if anyone knows!)

Mufasa’s on the right track. I’d be looking for a program that could offer you some good (and recognized) hands-on experience working with their strength programs. Boyd Epply’s program at Nebraska comes to mind. Good luck.

Iowa State University?

I’m not sure about Iowa State. I know they have a pretty good excersise science program though. Nebraska does have a strength coach program. One word of caution about them is they only accept people in their program (no outside grad assistance or interns.) I would get ahold of Epsley (sp) if you wanted to go there. I think the main thing is to go to a school and just volunteer your time with the strength coach.

Iowa State has an excellent Ex Sci program.
I am a current student and must say it has been a great experience so far.
If you want experience with S&C you can obtain it. there are oppertunities to work with various sports teams and see first hand the workings of a D1 weightroom.
Personally i am not interested in S&C but wish to persue a career in physical therapy and have spent much time volunteering with the PT depts of various local hospitals (great learing experience).

Exercise Science is a very broad major. If you get a degree you don't necessarily have to work for a health club or be a S&C coach. A person can work for a community health dept planing activities to promote fitness, go to grad school for physical therapy or chiropracty, become a phys ed teach, work in cardiac rehap or other forms of ortho/neuro medicine, go to med school.

As you can see by my ramblings this is a great major that can lead many places

What part of the country are you located in. A friend of mine is putting together an unbelievable program at a smaller school.

In faith,
Coach Davies