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Need EQ Advice


Ok I have ran 7 cycles and they have always been either test e or c and tren. I am now wanting to change as I need better stamina to go with strength.

I am looking at running

Test e 500mg wk 1-14weeks
Eq. ???mg wk for ??? Weeks
Anadrol 50mg Ed for weeks 10-13

And then pct. What I despartly need is a eq mg and weeks I should run as I have seen what it does for stamina. The anadrol is to increase my strength at the time of my contest. I might also increase my test to 750 while on the anadrol.

Please advise on this especially the eq i need to start asap


come on all these views but no advice?????


600 mgs a week with a 900 mg front load the first week run concurrent with test and get ready to eat.


EQ should be concluded before the Test. You are planning on using an AI right? I agree with ^ make sure you frontload..


600mg per week, and run it for the whole 14 weeks. And why not run the test at 750 the whole time as well?


i understand front loading the eq, i am now thinking of switching to sustanon as i have read the benifits of it and am tired of test e alone.


500 sust 1-14
600 for first 2 weeks then 400 for the rest.


Well sust should require EOD injections. I think it looks like a fine idea though.


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X2. Sustanon is still test, just different esters (slightly shorter and slightly longer, not to mention test e itself).


nothing mystical i was just reading where you feel it quicker and less water bloat. also how it makes you feel stronger faster. But I am open to suggestions, i just need something that is going to maximize my strength as well as give me endurance (hence the EP)

SO PLEASE recommend me a cycle for 12 weeks.


Sustanon has some shorter esters so you'll feel some of them faster.
I hate it though. Unpredictable and I don't like the unstable blood levels.

What do you need the stamina for? What are you competing in?
Anadrol is great for strength, but will turn you into a water baloon and shoot stamina. Heavy test bloats me and slows me down real good too.

If this is for some sport, like I'm guessing, I'd run Test at about 500mg/week, EQ at least 600mg/week, and something like adex EOD to minimize bloat.

I like having EQ much higher than Test. It's a much more manageable compound, although not as pronounced.


i have used eq in the past works in doses of 600 400 is to lo


sorry 400 is to low for eq also doest really kick in till week 8 to 10
if putting on size is what u want consider deca if you need to oil a door hinge use eq


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I like EQ as well. I think it gets a bad rap cause the gains aren't fast and dramatic like some compounds. But they're solid. I don't buy the oft-proclaimed, "it doesn't kick in until week 8" either. Frontload it.

The appetite increase is really beneficial for us tall, skinny types. And I swear I notice shorter refractory periods on EQ, specifically.


I agree with BBB and CyniQ. It's a fantastic compound if it's used correctly. Used properly the gains from EQ are steady, solid and lasting. I used it in many a cycle and have always been impressed with the quality of the gains I achieved.