Need Earbud Recommendations

While I was at the gym yesterday I managed to catch the wire of my earbuds between a 45 plate and a 35 plate, crushing it and rendering my earbuds worthless in the process. As a result I find myself in market for another set of earbuds. Since there seemed to be a lot of you posting in the music related threads here I’m betting you have mp3 players you take with you to the gym, along with earbuds. While I normally check for reviews on CNet and Amazon, I figured I’d ask you guys. So, what earbuds would you recommend?

I have a pair of these, and am very happy with them. I don’t use earbuds while lifting though, and use my phone for my MP3 player so they may not apply.

I’m also interested in this topic. I keep buying cheap sony earbuds, but they last maybe a month or two before they either a) stop working or b) the rubber ring that holds the speaker into the casing breaks and the speaker falls out and I have to glue that shit back in until A happens.

So I’m looking for recommendations.