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Need Dumbbell Hamstrings Exercise


Hey guys, I am doing CT's destroying fat currently which calls for two super sets in a row with 2 min between. I am at a college gym which is packed! Theres no way around this on heavy leg day I HAVE to go at 4:00. Now, I am fine so long as I can do the exercises in a single power rack. To accomplish this I use a Barbell primary exercise followed by a dumbbell secondary.

So today I will do a Squat followed by a split squat for the first superset, use my two minutes to change the barbell weights and lower it then a romanian deadlift followed by a .....dumbbell good morning? Will this work or are there better if any dumbell hamstring exercises. I know that I could do a dumbell deadlift or SLDL but I figured I shouldn't do two deadlifts in a row. Please help!


The best exercise to add mass to the hamstrings is the full rom squats. At the bottom of the squat the majority of the stress is placed on the hamstrings. I used to do partial squats and was constantly angry about the lack of hamstring development. Once I started doing full squats my hamstrings started to increas in size. After doing a set of full range squats notice the fatigue and burn felt in the hamstrings. Note: when I say full squats, I mean all the way down to the ground.


Stiff leg db/barbell dead lifts



Dumbbell RDL's.

Bulgarian split squats.


Step ups.

Dumbbell leg curls (done off a flat bench)

C'mon McFly! Think!


Yeah, I was going to suggest dumbbell leg curls.

You hold it between your feet. Works really well, but its awkward to do and you have to be careful not to drop it on yourself.


also, if the squat rack has a pull up bar, you can do hanging leg curls.


I was gonna post this exact vid.

I did these on Monday; 75lb for maybe 12 reps DC style 1 set to failure.

My hamstrings were f-in lit up until yesterday. Unreal DOMS. What's odd is I never really feel my hams working when I do exercises like this (BB or DB) but I get the craziest DOMS in my hamstrings the next day.

So yea, I recommend them =)


agreed w/ the stiff leg deads for the hams. While your doing them it's not so bad, mid range intensity/concentration type of thing, but man are you sore a day or two later.


Thanks guys that video was great, exactly what I needed. Now I am supposed to be doing them in the 4-6 range (Heavy Lifting to keep muscle) as I am with squats. I am thinking that every week I should alternate the squat with dumbbell hamstring superset and a barbell dead lift with dumbbell quadriceps superset to make sure I get in all my primary exercises.

Sound good? I would do the dead lift in the next superset but I believe in doing big exercises first with good form rather than in a fatigued state when I could injure myself.


Stiff Leg Deads
Walking Lunges...



If you have a bench near by, another good exercise is to lie on your back with one leg extended straight up and the other bent with the heel on the bench. Hold a plate on your chest and raise your ass off of the ground.

Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHE7ESVMp70

The guy talking is a d-bag, but it is an effective exercise when you point your toe and hold some plates.



DB Sumo deadlifts and/or leg curl with hip extension on a physio ball.


I haven't used walking lunges in a while. But during Tuesday's workout, I did Box Squats followed by some speed deadlifts and then walking lunges.

I have been in pain ever since. They tore my hammies and glutes up like crazy! I have barely been able to walk all week.


One legged deadlift variations
Walking lunges with big steps (more emphasis on hammies and glutes)


lay on a decline sit up bench with your stomach down and your head towards the high end. grab the dumbbell from the floor with your feet and do ham curls that way.

kinda like this but on a different bench


slimthugger - Those kill X2 on a decline but either way it's gonna hurt man - I use that exercise on alternating leg days along with the poor man's glute ham raise off a lat machine. Totally kills the hamstrings (& as a bonus strengthens the lumbar region IMO)


yeh they rock